Smart Solutions for Bike-Sharing Management

Jimi loTJimi loT2021-12-03

Since the launch of BL11, the GPS Sharing Bike Lock has enjoyed popularity among customers by safeguarding their sharing bikes. And bike-sharing has become one of the booming industries at the heart of sustainable transportation options.

Although this green commuting option helps alleviate urban congestion and improve our environment, bike-share operators and managers are still facing many challenges in this burgeoning industry.

At the 1st SME International Cooperation Summit, Frank Feuchter, Head of International Procurement Office Asia at Deutsche Bahn, shared his insights on the in-depth cooperation with Jimi IoT - Smart Solutions for Bike-Sharing Management.

Deutsche Bahn AG (abbreviated as DB) is the second-largest transportation enterprise in the world and the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe. Jimi IoT entered a cooperation with DB in 2020 and the contract amount reached 7 million CNY. The product delivery has been completed and officially put on the market in 2021.

With hardware and software working seamlessly together, Jimi Bike-Sharing Solution facilitates information sharing among operators, users, and bicycles, bringing an excellent riding experience and visual operation. Also helps reduce operating costs, save employee time, and improve management efficiency.

Meanwhile, our solution can enhance company differentiation, competitiveness and user engagement. Before riding, users can unlock the bike simply by QR code, or Bluetooth via their mobile phone. After the trip, the app will show where the bike is supposed to place, and users can view and share statistics like historical trajectories, miles traveled, and more.

With our bike locks, DB can monitor the parking status and distribution of its shared bikes, and provide data for bike O&M and dispatch, thus minimizing man-made damage and theft. And we are also very glad as DB's partner to contribute to improving urban congestion and the environment.

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