One-Stop IoT Connectivity Solution

Jimi loTJimi loT2022-01-21

The birth of the Internet of Everything (IoE) has driven the IoT industry to grow rapidly and brought IoT technologies to a stage of wide application. The demand for higher bandwidth and smarter IoT hardware has increased day by day. However, the rapid development also brings many problems, and the following are the key challenges facing IoT enterprises exporting.

· Difficult to access local operators' networks

To have a place in the global market, enterprises have to establish collaboration with many operators, which is time-consuming as well costly.

· Frequent card change for best signal

Without replacing the SIM card, it's difficult for the device to switch to a mobile operator with better network signals.

· Cumbersome integration of different operators' APIs

It will be a great challenge to integrate APIs of different mobile operators to manage a large number of SIM cards.

· Time-consuming to solve after-sale issues

Without a prompt response to such issues, user complaints related to efficiency will certainly increase and your business reputation will be affected.

For challenges like these, we have launched the One-Stop IoT Connectivity Solution that includes the Global IoT Card and the JIMI SIM Card Platform to help IoT companies in different industries realize intelligent management oftheir devices.

The Global IoT Card

Secure, high-availability, high-bandwidth network with access options in most countries and regions.

The following are the main advantages.

· Multi-Network Connectivity

Besides supporting 608 mobile operators in 219 countries, the global IoT card also supports the optimal global routing and operator network based on device location, ensuring that user devices have network connectivity and stable network connections in all parts of the destination country.

· Secure&Low-Latency Connectivity

Our local-breakout solution reduces network latency by letting SIMs select the nearest network gateway access to the internet. VPN, SD-WAN and MPLS are also available to provide a secure and private network.

· Customer Support

The signaling-level query from the core network side is available both for API and management platforms, which would be helpful for troubleshooting when users encountered network issues. We also have a professional after-sales team that responds quickly to user concerns.

· One-Stop Solution

Furthermore, we have developed the JIMI SIM Card Platform to allow customers to design their own data plans and data pools based on their needs, eliminating multiple contracts, rate plans, and multiple operators with a single unified connectivity management platform. In addition to these features, we also offer value-added services like platform customization, call logs, multi-level management, etc.

As you can see, the One-Stop IoT Connectivity Solution based on the global IoT card and the JIMI platform can help you turn complex, separate IoT devices into competitive solutions that are designed for simplicity and scale. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Our well-trained and friendly experts are on standby 24/7 to answer your questions.

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