3G GPS Telematics Products Unveiled in Expo Seguridad Mexico.

Jimi loTJimi loT2019-02-08

Booth:Hall B 3447

Date:Mar 14-16, 2017
Venue: Avenida del Conscripto No. 311 México, D.F. CP 11200
At Expo Seguridad Mexico 2017, taking place from Mar 14-16 in México, d had shown its comprehensive portfolio of innovative 3G GPS tracking solutions and expanded its range of dedicated business.

The booth was surrounded by people from different industrial sectors who were fascinated with the all-new 3G Vehicle GPS Tracker GV20 and MT200 and 3G GPS Car DVR, which are equipped with even greater functionality, performance and ease of use. On-site sales representatives were busy giving detailed answers to all questions, offering live demonstrations and explaining the benefits of 3G GPS tracking solutions. 
With nearly 17,000 attendees, Expo Seguridad Mexico was a great opportunity for Jimi to interact with key players in the security industry, to explore customers’ needs and to present Jimi products and philosophy to the world under one roof.

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