Jimilab Business"in Brazil": EXPOSEC 2017

Jimi loTJimi loT2019-01-10

JIMI IoT community is steadily expanding, this time to South America. On May 23-25 our team came to Sao Paulo to visit EXPOSEC 2017 – the main event and technological showcase of Latin America for the security sector, and in its 20th edition, it brings products and services updates in the Electronic, Private, Personal, Property and Corporate Security segments. 

With more than 800 exhibiting brands and a visiting of 42 thousand professionals in the sector, seeking for solutions to optimize business processes and cut maintenance costs. And there was a variety of choices since the majority of exhibitors in TMS sector comprised of software developers offering tools for transportation optimization. EXPOSED helped us analyze what solutions are hot on the market.


The value of public transport for any state can hardly be overestimated. Constant route network monitoring, traffic flow tracking, and routes update to assure high-level transportation service – these are priority measures for public transportation improvement. The sphere of public transportation demands precise control of transport performance and its specific parameters which are often not provided by the functionality of an average fleet management system. 

What’s more, a range of parameters to control is defined by local regulations and requirements. Our partner from Brazil – CRX – tries new ways to deliver telematics services, with a view to extending the range of services, our partner makes another value proposition of car tracking by offering real-time control and voice monitoring. In conclusion, I’d like to say that participation in EXPOSEC 2017 could be a great opportunity for our partners to demonstrate JImilab strengths on the Brazil market and meet target customers in this promising region. Go for it! 

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