JM-VG01U INS integrated GPS tracker enters market Jimi IoT Co., Ltd.

Jimi loTJimi loT2020-04-20

This smart device is not only basically designed for normal GPS tracking and vehicle security, also further designed for blind area tracking and driving behavior analysis. It’s now possible to receive constant location reports even in non-GPS signal area, and eventually improve driving habits by providing records of improper driving behavior, thus offering insight into drivers’ driving behavior. 

For VG01U installation, you are not mandated to install it in a specific mounting angle as the device will auto-calibrate after work together with the vehicle for a while, just a secure installation and make sure there is no sliding and wobbling, then it starts to perform.

Key features

  • Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • INS uses 3-axis gyroscopes, 3-axis acceleration sensors, and online adaptive integrated navigation algorithm to compute the position, speed and attitude of a vehicle continuously.

Sharply judge 8 types of improper driving behaviors 

This feature is developed based on UBI and utilized for recording improper driver's driving behaviors. Once these behaviors are detected, then the vehicle posture be changed and such records will be immediately reported to platform.

The functions JM VG01U provides:

  • Real-time location
  • Mileage statistics
  • Displacement alert
  • Power-cut alert
  • ACC detection
  • Poor signal area tracking
  • Vibration alert
  • Geo-fence
  • Over-speed alert

The applications JM-VG01U suitable for

  • Auto insurance
  • Downtown transportation
  • Official vehicle management

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Universal Tracksolid Platform:

Tracksolid platform is developed for delivering insight of overall information that detected and reported by JIMI & Concox products, it efficiently process various data and show them in different portions on platform for offering convenience. By the explicit data such as vehicle status, fuel level, alerts, historical route, improper behaviors records and so on, users could combine tremendous amount of information and handle them all-in-one platform.

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