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AT4 Portable Asset GPS Tracker is one of our most successful products. It is ideal for tracking trailers, cargos and other unpowered equipment. It gives you detailed reports and tells you exactly where the assets have been, where it's headed and how far it is traveling. The 10,000 mAh battery can standby up to two years. Of course, it's USB rechargeable for repeated use. 

Now let's have a quick look on the device. Design is compact and is made to ensure the device is IP x 5 waterproof to be used with outdoor assets. At the front, under the cover, there is a sim card slot and a power switch. After inserting the SIM card and turn the device on, press the button on the top for five seconds to start live checking. Don't forget to set the SOS number which is used to call the device if you want live audio monitoring. The strong magnet mount on the back and the double-sided 3M sticker comes with the device means you can install GPS tracker AT4 in anywhere as you like. When a theft tries to dismount the device or open the cover, the device will send you alerts on the mobile phone and mobile app and shift to live tracking modes for 20 minutes.

Now let me share some business case about AT4’s two work modes. The first mode is live tracking mode and the second one is power-saving mode. In live tracking mode, AT4 GPS tracker refreshes its location every 10 seconds when moving and each hour when staying in one place. These time intervals are configurable and ideal for car, trailer tracking and free installation basic car tracking. If you drive two hours per day, the device can last for 30 days in a single charge. Another mode is long standby power-saving mode. It's suitable for all kinds of asset management current, car rental, and auto leasing business. The device wakes up and reports location merely once per day and can be used for two years without charging. Asset GPS tracker AT4 can use nearby Wi-Fi hotspots to position itself. If the tracking platform has an up-to-date hotspot database, AT4 GPS can send the accurate location even when it's indoor without GPS signal.

Jimi also offers you Tracksolid our own platform service compatible with all the GPS trackers which made by our company including AT4 asset tracker. Tracksolid can show you the total mileage, your drove and over-speed alerts. It also supports geofence alerts to help you bind the asset to a certain area.

Today, Jimi manufactures more than 10 kinds of asset tracker for different business cases. Asset GPS tracker AT4 is one of the highest-rated devices. Our clients report up to 15% reduced losses to misplaced cargo in the last year and recovered thanks to AT4 tracker. 

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