The Dash Cam for Rental Car You Want to Have

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What is the use of dashcam for car rental?

Dashcam is a popular car accessory at present. Almost all cars are equipped with it. So what is the use of dashcam for car rental? Dashcam has many functions. It can record the image, sound and condition information of the car when it is driving. If you encounter an incident-faking extortionist in an area without a camera, you can only suffer loss, because there is not enough evidence to prove that is others extort you. But after installing the car dashcam, it is different.  As long as you realize that you have been extorted, you can use the video information saved by the recorder to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

Secondly, the dashcam is a built-in monitoring device, which has restrictions on most car owners. Now a lot of traffic accidents are due to a lack of monitoring and drivers driving in violation of regulations. After installing dashcam, the real situation of vehicles can be recorded. If every vehicle can be equipped with a dashcam, driver can't violate the rules and regulations, accident rates will drop significantly, the hit-and-run cases will also be greatly reduced.

In case of some accidents, the traffic police can quickly and accurately divide the responsibilities of accidents by referring to the image and video stored in the dashcam, which not only helps us to deal with disputes as soon as possible, but also quickly evacuate the scene and restore the traffic, which is conducive to creating a good traffic environment.

There are many types of dashcams in the market, but most of the driving recorder products only support recording the video outside the car, because it is manufactured to prevent collisions and record the driving status, but dashcams assembled on the rental car is generally a dual camera, which can record both the video outside the car and the status inside the car.

The introduction of Jimi dash cam for rental car

In response to car rental market needs, Jimi IoT has developed a dashcam with 4G video and positioning. The terminal has the function of driving recorder and real-time video monitoring inside and outside the cab. It can send the location information to the car rental company, monitoring rental vehicles in real time. Once a problem is detected, an alarm will be triggered, achieving better management and improving operational efficiency!

At the same time, the dashcam supports the ADAS driving assistance system, through forward warning functions such as distance monitoring, front vehicle collision warning, pedestrian collision warning and vehicle departure warning. Jimi dash cameras achieve safety warning prevention and control for rental vehicle driving in an active way, timely send voice reminders and intervene manually to reduce vehicle detours or accidents.

Jimi dashcam for rental car can not only locate the vehicle position in real time, but its DSM fatigue driving and driving behavior analysis function can effectively prevent accidents and remind the driver to pay attention to safety. Once the driver has dangerous driving behaviors, including sudden brake, sharp acceleration, sharp turn, or harsh speeding, as well as fatigue driving and distracted driving behaviors such as smoking, dozing, eating, calling, and shifting eyesight, Jimi dashcam will send voice notifications, upload alarms and video recordings to promptly remind the drivers. When the terminal detects vibration, low electricity, power failure, collision, etc., the alarm information will be uploaded as soon as possible, and the vehicle collision video will also be fully recorded and uploaded to the cloud, keeping reliable evidence to avoid accidents and disputes.

The core function ofJimi dash cam for rental car


1080P HD camera

GPS tracking

Panic button

ADAS driving safety warning

RS232 (Optional)

The main advantages ofJimidash cam for rental car

  • Intelligent real-time management

Intelligent real-time management, turning passive into active safety prevention and control, provides real-time automatic monitoring and alarm for leasing companies, and reduces operation and management costs

  • Visual management

The Internet of vehicles uploads pictures and videos in real time, intelligently monitors drivers' driving status in real time, and establishes safety supervision and emergency response system to ensure the safety of life and property

  • Security

Real-time video recording and one-button alarm function of the vehicle can effectively reduce personal injury and accident rate in the vehicle

  • Big data Management

Driver's driving risk assessment, scoring and assessment management can be made based on big data

Jimi dashcam for rental car can effectively guarantee the safety of drivers, and bring better experience and security to customers. The current market competition is fierce, and the use of dashcam can also facilitate the management of rental contracts, which can improve rental company's service and user experience, and enhance their competitiveness in the industry. Welcome to contact us if you want to learn more about dashcam for rental car.

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