Best Dash Cam with Parking Mode: How it Works and Where to Buy.

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In the early 2000s, the use of the dash cam was only common with the police, and also in the fleets of large companies—especially those into logistics and transportation. This on-board camera was very useful in recording crucial information relating to police patrols and the routes of professional drivers.

However, its use remained fairly limited, given its relatively high price and the technical complexity of its installation. It was not until 2006 that the dash cam got introduced in private vehicles. Significant technological advances in terms of image quality, storage capacity, and ease of installation made it possible for the public to use the dash cam.

Today, dash cams are becoming more popular and their sale continues to grow. The largest users are Russians, but its market is significantly growing in the United States, France, and Asian countries, such as South Korea and Japan, and across the world.

Therefore, it is now possible to acquire car gadgets—a dash cam that can help to limit the problems encountered on the roads and more car drivers are using a dash cam for obvious safety reasons.

Do you also want to equip your car with such a device? If you are confused by all the dash cam models available for sale, and you want expert advice on how to choose the right one for you. Continue to read our review below for one of the best dash cams in the market and its amazing features.

But first,

1.What is a parking mode dash cam?

After the sports camera, the 360° camera, here is yet a new type of camera called "dash cam." The dash cam or "Dashboard Camera" is an on-board camera designed to make video recordings from the driver's point of view of a vehicle.

Since we are not always safe from a car accident, it is essential to take certain measures and use innovative and state-of-the-art safety accessories. Therefore, after the reversing camera and the GPS beacon, the dash cam is currently the best.

What are they for?

They are used to film the road and can also serve as evidence in the event of an accident.

A dash cam is a popular accessory for your car. It is generally fixed inside the windshield, under the central mirror, or on the dashboard for the case of the front camera.

Multichannel dash cams can integrate several video capture units installed on the rear shelf, on the rear window, and other areas of the passenger compartment.

It's also called the Black Box for cars, because it provides a wealth of information that can sometimes be used as evidence in the event of an accident or a case of vandalism. It can also act as a deterrent against attempted vandalism or robbery.

2.How does parking mode work on dash cam?

The main function of this on-board camera—the dash cam is to film a large part of traffic when the car is moving. However, some dash cam models are equipped with a feature called "parking mode."

The peculiarity with said parking mode lies in the fact that the camera turns on automatically when someone hits the vehicle with the aim of filming and recording the cause of the damage.

In other words, it is a surveillance camera that turns on every time you park.  Therefore, Dashboard cameras equipped with a parking function (Parking mode) can start filming as soon as movement is detected around your car. This device can be very useful for spotting ill-intentioned people.

If someone in the parking lot crashes into your car or if you collide with a cart, it will appear on the screen.

It is even possible to connect the camera to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi on some models.  So, even while you are in your office, you will be able to receive real-time images of someone who came or get too close to your vehicle.

It helps to also prevent auto thefts because criminals are increasingly aware that they will be filming even before they touch the car.

3.Recommend dash cam with parking mode

If you're looking for a great dash cam with a whole suite of features, check out these options.

You can get the JC400 Dual Channel DashCam. It features 4G+3G+2G+WiFi+BLE. The front camera is 1080P-high resolution, and it's a wired detached camera for live video feeds. It comes with panic button for emergency purposes.

You can also consider the JC400P All-in-one 4g DashCam. JC400P features the standard 4G+WiFi+BLE, has a front camera of 1080P, offers cabin view for live video, GPS tracking, engine cut-off in case of theft or driver misbehavior, and also offers driver's behavior analysis.

Lastly, we'll suggest the JC400D DMS LTE DashCam .It features includes 4G+WiFi+BLE, DMS (Driver Monitoring System), front 1080P camera, wired detached camera for live video, and operates on Android 8.1.

4.  A wide range of Jimi IoT dash cams for different applications

Jimi IoT provides a wide range of choices and you can always have a dashcam that meets your need.

4.1 Front and back dash cam with parking mode

When you install a dual dash cam it implies that you have dash cameras in the front and another in the back of your vehicle. A front and back vehicle camera is the best because, if anything happens while you're on the road, either it includes you or not, the incident will be recorded as evidence.

One of the best dual dash cam models you can purchase is those that keep on recording while the vehicle's engine is off and when it is parked. No one can tell what will happen or what fate has available for you on a specific day.

You might wake up one morning and discover that your vehicle got vandalized with spray paint. It'll be worse if you, somebody may have broken in your vehicle to take your sound system, CD player or the tablet you left in the car.

The circumstance would be a lot more awful in the event that you had no idea who perpetrated the evil. However, by having a dual dash cam in your vehicle, you have a chance to deal with the culprit.

Some of the advantages dual dash camera with parking mode includes;

  • Improved focus on the road
  • Serves as video evidence in the event of a crime or accident
  • Protection against rogue and undisciplined drivers and commuter when your car is parked
  • Record family vacations and other memorable road trips

The differences between JC400 front and back dash cam series are as follows:

Model Name

JC400P All-in-one 4g DashCam

JC400D DMS LTE DashCam

JC400 Dual Channel DashCam

Product Picture

Front camera

Built-in, AHD, 1080P, dynamic frame rate, 120° viewing angle

Built-in, 1080P, dynamic frame rate, 118° horizontal angle, 145° diagonal angle

Built-in, AHD, 1080P, dynamic frame rate, 120° viewing angle

Cabin View Camera

Built-in or External, AHD, 720P, dynamic frame rate, 100° viewing angle, night vision

AHD, 720P, dynamic frame rate, 56° horizontal angle, 65° diagonal angle

Detached camera, AHD, 720P, dynamic frame rate, 100° viewing angle, night vision

4.2 Dash cam with night-vision and parking mode

A night vision driving camera is perhaps the most valuable instrument you can have in your vehicle, particularly when driving around evening time.

Night vision driving cameras work just as the name sounds–they give radically improved evening time vision to vehicle drivers during the dangerous, dull hours of the evening. A dash cam with dynamic night vision capabilities alerts drivers to street dangers that could cause a possible accident like wildlife, walkers, and different vehicles on the road.

There are numerous benefits to utilizing the amazing night vision system in your vehicle. It may very well be unsafe to drive at night time, but having night vision cameras to guide you offers an unmatched night time view to help you see as you drive at evening time.

In a mishap, particularly around evening time, it very well may be difficult to recognize precisely what happened and whose deficiency it was—especially when your vehicle is parked and you're not there.

A night vision dash cam with parking mode will record everything. It offers solid insurance on account of a mishap. You are considerably more prone to win an insurance claim with video film of the event, particularly in a hit-and-run circumstance.

For night vision function, check JC400, JC400D, and JC400P, they also support day and night use.

4.3 Dash cam with parking mode and WiFi

Some on-board car cameras give you the possibility of interacting directly with your smartphone, thanks to Wifi or Bluetooth technology. Very practical, you will be able with this system to view the videos recorded by the dashcam directly on your phone.

So you will no longer have to unplug the camera and then plug it into your computer. Here, everything is done wirelessly and it is significantly faster. The WiFi included in a dash cam is what permits a cell phone to connect to the dash cams.

As opposed to a normal WiFi network signal that gives you web access, the reason for this WiFi feature is simply to connect the dash cam and cell phone together.

Some very small and very discreet dash cameras also have the particularity of being controlled directly by WiFi by your phone. This allows you to have an even more discreet dash cam,

When connected to the dash cam and its application is opened, you can see, download, record, and change settings directly from the application. This is a huge advantage as the SD card shouldn't be embedded into a PC all together. Everything should be possible from the telephone.

This can be urgent especially when the dash cam has parking mode and you need to look into a recording immediately so it doesn't get overwritten. For example, in case of a mishap and a cop is on scene to take the recording.

In case you return to your vehicle after it was parked and there's harm done to it, you can rapidly go through the dash cam film and see what happened, so you know precisely what occurred on the spot.

Almost all modern-day dash cam products fit into this category. Want some specifics? Check out JC400, JC400D, or JC400P all support WiFi connection.

4.4 Compact all in one mini dash cam with parking mode

It can be hard to determine which dash cam is best for your vehicle especially if you’re new to the process. There are several key features a dash cam has to possess these days for it to be considered effective and one of the best to buy. Some essential features of a modern day dash cam include but not limited to the following;

  • Auto start and loop recording
  • GPS and Speed logging
  • Event tagging and Impact detection
  • Buffered parking mode

These and many other features are essentials for a modern-day dash cam. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a dash cam that encompasses these features. That's why finding an all-in-one dash cam can be a true blessing.

Good news is that our JC400P dash cam is an all-in-one dash cam. It's a dash cam designed with cutting-edge technology to feature the classic dual-camera, 4G, WiFi, and other essential features.

Practically all vehicle dashboard cameras get their power supply from the vehicle's engine turned on but they need to have a power reinforcement to save records when there is no power supply from the vehicle engine. For this reason, they use a battery.

Not only that, the dash cam uses its battery to power up itself when in parking mode and your vehicle engine is not on. Therefore, if the parking mode is going to function as you need it to, the dash dam needs a solid battery to back it up.

A battery in a dash cam isn't intended to be used to power the gadget as it would be in a digital camera, they are intended to save records just in the event of power failure or emergencies. Dash cam batteries are little and just intended to keep the camera on for a couple of moments after you shut your vehicle off while it is saving the video document.

All our dash cam products at Jimi IoT have an external battery accessory attached to the product. We ensure you get the ultimate value for money when you buy any of the products.

4.5 Dash cam with buffered motion detection 

When a vehicle is parked, the dash cams with parking mode features will continue to record. But, how do you ensure that the camera only records important footage especially when the vehicle is parked for long? That’s where motion detection comes in.

When a vehicle is parked for long and the dash cam continues to record, it can store up a lot of footage that is not useful and get the memory space filled up quickly. When it's time to record important footage, there may be no space to store it. The loop recording is a great way to solve this challenge but, it can lead to loss of vital information as well.

Therefore, the best shot at effectiveness for a dash cam with parking mode is to have motion detection. This way, the camera only turns on and records when it senses movements around the vehicle.

JC400, JC400D, and JC400P all support buffered motion detection, and in the event of abnormal vibration or collision, the video will be automatically transmitted to the cloud.

5. In conclusion

Jimi IoT does not only have dash cam with parking mode, but the cameras also support many other functions, such as GPS tracking, panic button, driver behavior analysis.

If you cannot find a suitable product that meets your need, please contact us. We will provide professional dash camera solutions for you.

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