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Do you need dashcam with GPS?

In some countries, the installation of GPS system is mandatory for dangerous goods transport vehicles, passenger vehicles, logistics vehicles, buses, taxis and other vehicles. Also, they are required to install on-board video recording.

If the dashcam is equipped with GPS function, you can review the driving track through the mobile phone APP or platform. Some have built-in GPS modules, and some need to be equipped with a GPS box. Then, is location data is the only reason to have dashcam with GPS?

Is GPS important on a dash cam?

After attaching the GPS signal receiving module to the dashcam, the real-time position of the vehicle can be located. The recorded video indicates the current position of the vehicle. Also, the driver's driving route, time, date and speed can also be recorded.

GPS module is an integrated circuit composed of RF chip, baseband chip, coreCPU, and related peripheral circuits. Through this module, you realize locate and navigate.

The GPS module of the dashcam is divided into built-in and external. As for which one is better, it depends on its use scenarios. If the dashcam is large and the GPS module is internal, the reception of the GPS antenna will be affected, so the effect is not as good as the external one. If the GPS module is built-in, the integration is relatively high and can save deploy costs.

What are the differences between the dashcam with GPS and the onboard navigator?

1. Different main functions

The GPS function of the dashcam is to record the driving condition of the vehicle, including GPS positioning and GPS trajectory records. It is a real-time record with no navigation function. The main function of the navigators is navigation. Some navigators have GPS route recording function.

2. Different positioning

The navigation device realizes map query, route planning, automatic navigation, automatic voice guidance and other functions through GPS function, which plays a role in assisting the driver to drive. The GPS functionof the dashcam is to record the driving environment and prove the authenticity and validity of the video.

3. Different roles

GPS functions are more important in navigators. The map is displayed on the navigation terminal. At the same time, the vehicle's current position, speed, destination distance, planned route prompt and driving information with turning prompt at the intersection are displayed. However, the dashcam records the location information of the vehicle. It helps enhance vehicle security and provide evidence against false claims.

How is Jimi dashcam with GPS?

Jimi dashcam with GPS can realize real-time positioning monitoring, driving track playback, collision notification, speeding alarm, etc.

In addition, it also has the following features.

1080P FHD full HD camera

1920*1080P FULL HD camera records at boot

Automatically take photos when parking

When ACC is off or power is cut off, time-lapse video is recorded for 5 min, and the video is automatically saved after the power is cut off

Collision automatic recording/locking

Crash automatic recording and emergency lock, generate fixed emergency video files

128GB TF card

Maximum support 128GB TF card, can store 16 hours of real-time video

Remote photography

Take pictures remotely through APP software to monitor driving safety

Loop recording

Do not delete the locked video, and automatically loop over the useless video

Dashcam is a black box used by cars. By starting the engine, it can immediately record the video and sound of vehicles on the road through high-definition camera. When an accident occurs, evidence will be provided immediately to protect the driver's rights. After installing the dashcam, the video image and sound of the whole driving process of the car can be recorded. The internal sensor can set the sensitivity of the impact force. When the external impact force is greater than the set threshold, the on-site data leading to the impact force will be recorded, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents and false fraud. For those who like road trips, they can also use it to record how they conquered difficult or dangerous situations. Also, It can be used for parking monitoring.

If you want to learn more about dashcam with GPS or other dashcam features, please contact us (info@jimilab.com)!

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