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About 1.35 million people die every year due to road traffic accidents. Distracted driving is a leading cause of these crashes. So, fleet owners and managers like you need the best distracted driving solutions to protect lives and the economy.

To understand better why distracted driving is a grave matter, let's see more facts and statistics on the same below.

What Are the Facts and Statistics of Distracted Driving?

Please consider that the police in many countries often don't report the exact nature of various distracting activities in crash reports. Sometimes, the witnesses and drivers don't cooperative with the law enforcement officers as required, making it challenging to find accurate figures on the impact of distraction on traffic crashes globally.  

However, growing evidence indicates that distracted driving is a significant threat to human existence, and we urgently need the right solutions to protect lives.

According to the World Health Organization, road crashes are the leading cause of death for young adults aged below 29. Over 70% of this accounts for males. Research associates this trend with the usage of mobile phones while behind the wheel. 

The WHO approximates that mobile devices' usage increases the chance of engaging in accidents by 400%.

A study in the United States where researchers observed drivers at the wheel in the real-world setting discovered that they engage in potentially distracting activities approximately 30% of the time.

However, the recent emergence of in-vehicle communication technologies may have altered this figure.

Find more below that suggest distracted driving is a contributor to the increasing crashes in different parts of the world:

  • 1, 855 died in distracted driving accidents in Zhejiang province, China, in 2016, accounting for 44.3% of the total traffic deaths
  • Three thousand one hundred sixty-six lives were lost in the US in 2017 alone due to this practice. In 2020, cell phones distracted 21% of the teens involved in accidents
  • In Australia, a study found that distracted driving contributes to 14% of crashes
  • In New Zealand, research suggests this practice contributes to 10% of fatal accidents and 9% of injury crashes
  • In Spain, a study indicates that driver distraction cause about 37% of road traffic crashes in 2008
  • In Canada, 2003-2007 national data shows that distracted driving causes 10.7% of injury and fatal accidents
  • In the US, in 2018, close to 3,000 people died, and about 400,000 others were injured in crashes involving distracted drivers
  • In the US, 2020 study shows distracted driving responsible for 2.5 million car crashes
  • WHO, by 2021, at least 32 countries have banned cell phone use while driving due to its negative impact on driving

Kindly note, as we have said, distracted driving accidents are under-reported. Moreover, the increasing use of mobile phones across the world has an impact on the number of accidents bring reported. So, these numbers may be lower than the actual ones. Nonetheless, they offer adequate evidence that advanced distracted driving solutions can provide the much-needed remedy. 

What are the Top 5 Distractions While Driving?

Before we look at distracted driving solutions, let's assess the topmost dreaded distractions while driving. These are:

1. Using Mobile Phones

Research by the University of Utah has demonstrated that drivers who use cell phones while driving experience delayed reactions like those with .0.08% blood alcohol level.  As we mentioned earlier, studies have established that this practice increases the risk of a collision by approximately four times

When using a cell phone while driving, you are highly likely to take off your eyes from the road. You can also remove your hands from the wheel. If you are using a hands-free cell phone, you will still take your mind off driving, which makes it the worst type of distraction. 

2. Adjusting the Vehicle Setting

This is another common distraction that has almost the same impact as using cell phones. Many drivers don't understand that fiddling with the radio, windows, and air-conditioning comes with risks.

Since an accident can occur within a small moment of inattention, adjusting vehicle settings when driving is undesirable.

3. Interacting with Passengers

Interacting with passengers is a common cognitive distraction. Whether it is talking with your kids or turning around to look at a passenger, this is another severe form of distraction next to using cell phones. 

If you are an expert driver, you can join in on the conversation but keep your eyes on the road without any problem.

4. Eating or Drinking

According to the United State's National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, eating or drinking while driving increases the likelihood of accidents by 80%. The risk of using phones is still much higher, but this percentage on eating and drinking is too large to be ignored.

As drivers try to search for food, they quickly lose control. So, they should take care when considering which foods to eat while driving.

5. External Distractions

A lot is always happening outside the vehicle as well, which can be a distraction. An experienced driver can stay safe by looking out for pedestrians and other drivers while doing the due diligence to block out all manners of exciting and unexpected things happening in the streets.

What are the Consequences of Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving can result in several life-altering consequences, and that is the reason you need the best distracted driving solutions. Here are the most serious ones:

1. Accident

The stats we have seen above shows that it is the number cause of accidents. When this happens, road users are likely to suffer in the following ways:

Be Injured

Since drivers are usually unaware of the impending danger until it is too late, the victims' lives are often at risk. Some of the injuries leave them permanently disabled. Others are forced to live with chronic pain for the rest of their lives. Some of the most commonly reported injuries are:

  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Head trauma
  • Cuts and bruises

Even though a few people may escape unhurt or experience mild pain for a short while, distracted driving remains dangerous. It can impair a person's life when they least anticipate it.  

The experience can also expose many road users to untold psychological problems for life.

Be Killed

Distracted driving put the lives of all road users at risk. Pedestrians and cyclists are often tremendous casualties in some parts of the world. However, drivers who ignore distracted driving solutions and innocent passengers also die in their numbers due to this. 

After an accident, some people can pass on immediately, and others endure a lot of pain for a given period before succumbing due to the crash.

2. Loss of Driving Privileges

In many countries, drivers who accumulate too many points on their driving record lose their driving privileges. The authorities can revoke or suspend their driving license at any time.

What are the Costs of Distracted Driving? 

Distracted driving can cost you a lot of money and time. Here are the costs that drivers and car owners pay when they are found on the wrong side of the law:

1. Legal Ramifications

 If the law enforcement officers find you violating your local anti-distracted driving laws, you could be subject to a considerable penalty. You go through the lengthy judicial process, and if found guilty, the judge may impose a fine.

If you are responsible for an accident, the cost might be relatively high. In some jurisdictions, the police may take your phone, confiscate it, and use the records as evidence. 

You could pay a much higher cost if someone dies as a result of the accident. This typically happens when the court finds the driver liable for murder, manslaughter, or attempted murder.

For example, in Ontario, you can be fined a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,000 for the first offense. For a second and third offense, you could pay a maximum of $2,000 and $3,000, respectively.

You may be forced to hire an advocate at an excessive rate to secure your freedom, which is a cost that you can avoid by using the right distracted driving solutions like GPS trackers. 

2. Financial Ramifications

The law requires drivers to have a duty of care while performing any acts that could negatively affect people's lives. You could be held accountable for committing intentional negligence. Some of the damages that can arise from such a charge are:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Punitive damages
  • Personal property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Automotive property damage
  • Other out-of-pocket damages

As you can see, distracted driving puts your resources at risk. If your insurance company cannot come to your aid for one reason or another, the law requires you to shoulder the costs. So, if the victims need a lot of money in damages, you might be forced to file for bankruptcy. This might negatively affect your financial strength for life.

Parents of teenagers are at risk. If their children engage in distracted driving accidents, the victims may have the legal right to go for their assets. This can happen whether you were present at the scene when the accident occurred or not.

3. High Insurance Costs

Distracted driving can drive your insurance premiums high even when you have not engaged in an accident. Insurance companies understand that young people below the age of 29 cause more accidents than others due to their risky driving behavior.  

These companies also use other parameters to determine each policy holder's degree of risk. For example, the insurance premiums of every person in the US that receives a ticket for distracted driving increase by about 16%. Nonetheless, some states have higher rate increases than this approximated average. 

Insurance companies across the world use the same principles to protect their business. So, the best way to keep your auto insurance premiums low is by following the prescribed driving laws and regulations.

4. Car Repair Bills

When you engage in an accident, the vehicle can get written off or be damaged. You could be forced to withdraw all your money from the bank to attend to your repair needs. This is unfortunate since you can save your limited resources for other essential things such as development projects by being responsible.

How Distracted Driving Solutions Work? Our Dashcam

Many fleet managers have invented their distracted driving solutions. However, the success of most of them depends on the driver compliance. 

With the emergence of advanced technology, fleet managers have better distracted driving solutions. Our dashcam is one of the high-integrated distracted driving solutions. It has the following 3 important features:

1. HD Video Camera: As a fleet manager, our videos give you the rare opportunity to do the following without spending much time or money: 

  • Review in-cabin videos footage
  • Perform random audits to verify whether your drivers are following the laid down driving rules and procedures
  • Alert the drivers against some events in the video

2. GPS Tracking System

How does GPS tracking system work? GPS depends on a network of satellites known as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). It gathers information from the vehicle and stores it in a specialized device. Consequently, it transmits the data using a cellular or wireless network through various providers to the server that acts as the "cloud." So, it allows fleet managers and owners can access the data in the comfort of their offices or home. 

Some of the information that our Tracksolid GPS tracking system will provide are:

  • Location
  • Vehicle speed
  • Driving behaviour monitoring
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Real time alerts
  • Driving footage
  • Driving reports

Since GPS tracking systems give fleet owners or managers access to this vital information in real-time, they are suitable distracted driving solutions for many people. If you have installed the devices on your vehicles, you can supervise your drivers 24/7, ensuring your drivers are always responsible. 

3. Driver Coaching

Some experienced tracking companies incorporate auto driver coaching solutions. They rely on AI to identify poor driver behavior and then automatically assign them the training that documents the required corrective action in detail.

 Our AI video solutions can analyze and classify distracted driving behaviors such as phone calling, look down, look around, drowsiness, smoking, and more. This ensures that our clients’ drivers get the most appropriate help in time.

Finding Efficient Distracted Driving Solutions 

With our purpose-built, high-integrated dash cams, you are much safer. You can review in-cabin video footage and assess the competency of your drivers with ease. The AI and GPS tracking system also guarantee you real-time data that you require to provide timely advice and driver coaching. 

As you can see, these dash cams rely on advanced technology and can helpyou to reduce distracted driving and improve fleet safety with much ease. If you need them, feel free to contact Jimilab. Our well-trained and friendly experts are on standby 24/7 to answer your questions and help you make the safest decision.

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