What is dual-frequency positioning?

Jimi loTJimi loT2021-02-05

Location information is the core of location services. With the continuous increase of location information application scenarios, the accuracy of location data will become an increasingly important issue. 

GPS trackers recognize their location through satellite radio signals. Currently, most GPS trackers on the market are configured for a single frequency, which means that GPS trackers can track a single radio signal from a satellite. Although single-frequency GNSS is widely used, it cannot resist multipath errors that may appear from time to time. 

As the signal bounces off high-rise buildings, multipath errors result in positioning errors of up to 5 meters. GPS trackers often report the wrong location, and can’t tell which street you’re on. This is due to a multipath error, which is a common cause of incorrect location. 

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for low-cost GNSS equipment supporting applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to drones for precise positioning. In the future, more and more fields will require precise positioning, and the L1 + L5 dual-frequency mode is a good solution. 

Some GPS tracker manufacturers have released low-cost dual-frequency tracking devices. Through dual-frequency GNSS measurement, the ionospheric delay can be eliminated by forming a combination without ionosphere, thereby further improving the positioning accuracy and reliability of low-cost tracking devices. 

Jimi L1+L5 dual-frequency positioning tracker is coming soon. It is a multifunctional tracker for vehicle tracking. High ingress-protection capability prevents the intrusion of dust and water, ensuring its normal functioning in tough conditions. Designed with many inputs and outputs, it can connect to such accessories as a relay, panic button, fuel sensor, and RFID reader to add convenience and competitiveness to your fleet management. What's more, with different alerts associated with typical problems, this device can notify you of every event at once, allowing perfect supervision and control of your vehicles. 

Please feel free to contact us(info@jimilab.com) if you want to know more about JIMI L1+L5 dual-frequency positioning tracker.

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