Improve Driver Safety with Fleet Dash Cam

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A fleet dash cam makes for an excellent driving solution because it increases drivers' safety conveniently and affordably. As a manager of commercial vehicles such as trucks, cars, and forklifts, you can rely on these advanced devices to provide essential services like remote driver training and guidance. You can also use the footage or GPS records to defend your drivers if an accident occurs and someone wants to victimize them.

What is a Fleet Dash Cam?

A fleet dash cam is a purpose-built camera mounted on a vehicle to provide a wide-ranging view of activities on the road. Some capture what happens inside the car too. If you install them in your fleet of commercial vehicles, you get detailed analytics and performance solutions remotely. AI-powered fleet dash cams can predict imminent collision and alert the driver to take precautions.

How Do Fleet Dash Cam Systems Work?

Let's see in detail how our Jimi IoT fleet dash cam systems work.

Our advanced dash cams combine powerful image processing with AI. The 4G connectivity supports real-time feedback. Coupled with tracksolid, our AI Machine Learning allows instant analytics of driver behavior and the condition of the road.  

Tracksolid has a complete set of features designed for remote management and fleet tracking. With this cloud system, you can access any information that you need over a user-friendly mobile app and the web. Moreover, our systems also allow you to view all the daily route maps, sends urgent alerts, and creates geo-fences.

Many of our dash cams allow a smooth switch between varieties of network connections. The products are 2G, 3G, and 4G-enabled, allowing you to use them in all geographical locations. With 4G, you get up to 1 Gbps for wireless access and 100MBs for mobile access.

Other than offering driver safety, Jimi products have a direct impact on fleet companies' bottom line.  You use them to properly manage your route operations, ensuring that every part of the business runs smoothly.  Due to this, you can improve dispatching, reduce operations costs and the probability of the loss of your vehicles.

Thieves who understand you are using the service keep away from the company's fleets.  You can use the GPS features to track arrest those who ignore this or don't know the consequences of stealing your vehicles.

Due to proper management, your fleet company can realize its business goals. This has a direct positive impact on productivity. Customers who are your employees feel the impact of our products, ensuring you win and retain more customers.  With enhanced security, you also mitigate effects that can disrupt your normal operation.

Overall, our dash cam systems are designed to provide insights that can transform your business, improve driver safety, and boost efficiency. All you need to do is use them properly. The good news is that once installed, our dash cams automatically serve your needs, meaning you don't need extensive experience to use them.

How Does a Dash Cam Manage Data?

As you likely already know, you need either a removable or built-in memory. Dash cams without this feature don't record the video feed. They transmit the captured data into a monitor. The cameras can make the recording available for storage or viewing at a remote location.

The dash cams that record the file on storage media have limited memory space. They automatically overwrite the data when the storage reaches the maximum capacity. This feature makes the purpose-built cameras outshine general ones.

  • Since fleet dash cams record images all the time, the storage will fill up fast even if you use a huge SD card. So, the fact that it automatically overwrites the old files means you don't need to worry about that. Remember, no sober driver should fiddle with memory cards while driving.
  • Moreover, the storage devices are designed to protect important footage. The devices come fitted with G-Sensors to protect recorded footage if an accident occurs. These sensors are accelerometers. So, they can determine the degree of force applied in case of an impact.
  • If the vehicle engages in an accident or is subjected to sudden braking or similar activity, it automatically captures the footage and locks it to a “safe folder.” The smart-save features ensure that the footage that may help fleet managers understand the cause of the accident or risky behavior remains securely stored.

What are the Benefits of Fleet Dash Cams?

With dash cams and GPS tracking complement each other. Here are the top benefits of having dash cams installed within your vehicles.

1. Evidence in Accident

After ensuring everyone is safe, fleet managers should seek justice. Some road users lack the required training and can cause accidents. However, due to the fear of the legal consequences, they try to shift the blame.

Since most dash cams start recording the minute the driver ignites the engine and provides real footage in the case of accidents, you can rely on the data for first-hand evidence. 

This means if the accuser relies on hear-say, yet you have in-depth, the judge or the insurance urgency will be able to settle who was at fault with a high degree of accuracy.

2. Capture Undisciplined Drivers

The number of accidents on our roads is at an all-time high today, partly due to some drivers' unwillingness to abide by the law. Unfortunately, many people worried about their activities have no footage to help bring them to book. With dash cams, this should be a thing of the past.

3. Saving on Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies calculate premiums based on the amount of risk they take. When you use the right fleet dash cams, they understand that your crews while avoiding risky behaviors while on the road since the government, your fleet company, the insurer, and others can see whatever they are doing.

The increased safety is a win for everybody. For fleet companies, their vehicles are durable and drivers safe. They also save a lot on insurance. For insurance agencies, they can prevent fraudulent claims.

4. Improve Driver Coaching

A 360° dash cam can monitor driver behavior and detect what the screw needs to mitigate risks. 

Moreover, AI-based dash cam can also predict collisions and suggest ways to prevent them from occurring. These tools help create coaching courses tailored to meet the specific needs of drivers.

How Can Jimi's Fleet Dash Cam Solutions Help with Driver Safety?

Jimi offers a wide range of fleet dash cam solutions designed to meet commercial fleet drivers’ safety needs. If you visit our website for DVR cameras, you'll be spoilt for choices. 

You can also reach out to our friendly customer support staff to sort you out if you need a tailored dash.

To see how Jimi’s fleet dash cam solution helps with driver safety, let's go through its products' core features.

1. 4G LTE Fleet Dash Cam

Some Jimi dash cams have this connectivity.

4G LTE refers to “fourth-generation long-term evolution.” It gives you downloads that are ten times faster than the traditional 3G. So, the connectivity grants fleet companies the ability to use and experience the internet more richly and quickly.

In short, 4G LTE connectivity is best if you require:

  • Fast download speed: Allows large footage to upload in a few seconds.
  • Fast and seamless web browsing: You get access to the server instantly
  • Quality streaming: Live buffering-free streaming, HD quality

With 4G LTE, Jimi's dash cam instantly uploads footage to the cloud, making it possible for fleet managers to access them 24/7 remotely.

Due to the increased efficiency, safety managers can access first-hand information regarding their drivers' safety in real-time. Since you're interested in driver safety, you can use this to offer timely guidance and avoid collisions.

2. Wi-Fi Dash Camera Fleet

Jimi's dash cams also use WIFI to transmit data.

You can use WIFI if you want them to do so economically. This way, the products give you more options to enhance driver coaching, reduce risks, and gather evidence at a lower cost.

3. Fleet Dash Cam Integrated with GPS Tracking

Jimi's dash cams are integrated with GPS tracking, enriching the captured data and exonerate drivers. When you have real-time GPS data, you can identify where safety incidents occur and create accurate alerts based on the geofences. 

4. Live Stream Fleet Dash Cam

In addition to capturing and auto-uploading incident footage, some Jimi dash cams offer users the ability to live-stream footage in real-time, enabling fleet managers to do virtual ride-along with their drivers.

Besides, it enables them to provide remote training and feedback. This means if your drivers are new to the job, have exhibited unsafe driving behavior, or are learning a new route, you can stream live footage from a dash cam to your computer to help them improve safety.

Jimi's dash cam's live streaming feature offers three main benefits:

Peace of mind:  Many safety managers worry a lot when their fleets are out on the road, especially when they cannot get the real feel of what some of their drivers go through during tough moments. When asked to offer some help, they struggle to know the road conditions. Are our drivers in a traffic jam? Is it rainy or icy? They end up relying on images that may not accurately depict the driver’s behavior and skill level.
Live streaming solves most of these.
Although you can't use this feature all the time, knowing that you give you accurate data when you're in dare need can provide you peace of mind.
Spot check: The streaming feature lets fleet managers conduct spot checks from time to time. As a manager, it is up to you to determine the best time to check on different drivers. You can do this more frequently for drivers who need coaching.
Remote training:  Since live-streaming makes it possible for safety managers to ride along with their drivers virtually, you can use Jimi's dash cam to provide feedback and remote training.

5. Dual Dash Cam for Fleet

Jimi's interior and exterior cam makes the continual recording of driving conditions possible. It provides a 360-degree view of all activities on the road, complete with high-quality video.  

Whether you need to collect more information about a collision or ensure safety compliance, these dash cams will show you what happened. This allows you to make an informed decision. Remember, you can choose between inside view, road view, or both. You can also add views from several additional cameras.

6. Fleet Dash Camera Record Audio

Other than capturing the footage, Jimi's road safety products record audio. This is important since it allows you to access audio records to put the footage and live video streams into context. This feature, therefore, helps fleet managers to take the right action to prevent accidents and keep records of accidents or activities that require urgent attention of the driver or fleet managers.

7. Fleet Dash Cam Auto Upload

The auto-upload features help safety managers to receive data without the intervention of drivers.  Moreover, it eliminates the probability of losing footages due to unforeseen occurrences.

8. Dash Cam for Fleet Vehicles Support Connect Remotely

Since Jimi's dash cams connect remotely, they allow fleet managers to offer the required support from their physical office. This saves time and ensures drivers get timely information that is required to enhance road safety. The dash cam can give you other important pieces of information that relate to the following:

  • Remote oil/engine cutoff
  • Recovery of the stolen vehicle (in case of theft)
  • Ways to improve fleet security

Conclusion: Jimi's Fleet Dash Cam Suitable for All Commercial Vehicles

As we have seen, Jimi's fleet dash cams come with unique features like GPS tracking, auto upload, and live streaming that meet a wide variety of the needs of commercial fleet such as cars, vans, trucks, and forklifts.

Contact Jimi IoT today if you need to buy our fleet dash cams or learn more on how you can improve driver safety with fleet dash cam. We has been providing advanced IoT solutions for decades. It specializes in offering solutions for a wide assortment of scenaries.

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