How does Jimi IoT Fleet Management GPS Tracking Software Look Like?

Jimi loTJimi loT2021-04-02
What is fleet management gps tracking software? 
Fleet management GPS tracking software is a tool businessmen use to keep their mobile assets at their fingertips.

Why fleet management gps tracking software is important?
Have you ever worried about a particular truck getting lost, or a shipment being tardy? Software that tracks your fleet using Global Positional System — be it a fleet of vehicles, or containers, or e-scooters, or even employees — is a solution for you. 
Such a solution would let you monitor location and speed of your assets in real time, set rules for their behavior like “do not cross these specific boundaries between 10 and 18 hours every weekday", receive alerts about events you want to know ASAP, review routes and investigate incidents, and many more.
Proper GPS fleet management solution consists of a few key parts:
Internet-capable GPS tracker hardware, that’s installed in every asset you want to keep track of;
Backend platform servers that receive and process data received from your fleet’s GPS hardware;
Frontend applications that display your fleet data in a clean and visual way for you, and let you manage the fleet by setting rules and logic for the entire system;
Of course, the solution also needs some sort of wireless Internet access infrastructure in place — most commonly GSM base station network, ranging from older 2G to newer NB IoT and LTE-M standards, all of which are supported by Jimi hardware.

So how to manage a fleet of vehicles?
Many companies on the market offer this or that part of the solution, leaving it to you to integrate and build a complete system. Jimi IoT, however, offers a turnkey solution for GPS fleet management — both hardware and software, both back-end and front-end, including Android and iOS applications, as well as web-interface.

Jimi IoT tracking hardware comes in many shapes and forms. Some are designed for broad use, some for specific purpose. These range between miniature cigarette lighter size devices with internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery to palm-sized longlife trackers to wired smart terminals for vehicles capable of supporting a plethora of various peripheral devices like fuel sensors, relays, door sensors and others.

Tracksolid is an original, enterprise-ready Jimi IoT GPS fleet management software platform. It includes all the necessary components business looks for in such a solution:
Dispatch operator’s web interface available from any computer with Internet access
Easy to use mobile application that shows realtime map with fleet assets scattered on it
Pop-ups that convey asset status and let user perform basic logic configuration
In-depth group management features for large fleets
Configurable geofences
Event alerts
Account management for dispatch and customers

We are aware that no solution is ever perfect, so we are hard at work keeping Tracksolid a living, evolving software. Tracksolid is being perpetually iterated upon and improved in close cooperation with our professional user community. You too can become a part of it!
Contact us at to learn more about Jimi IoT solutions for GPS fleet management.
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