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Why do you need GPS tracker device for trucks?

The management of transport vehicles is more and more strict. GPS tracker is conducive to the traffic department of the vehicle to play an important role in supervision and management.

The first is transportation safety. It is not difficult to find that many car accidents are not caused by the driver's operating errors, but by the driver's long-term fatigue driving. The truck itself is very large, and once it loses control, it will cause irreversible major tragedies.

Secondly, the transportation cost of trucks greatly increases the cost of the industry. If the transportation cost is too high, it is not conducive to the long-term operation of the industry.

Finally, inefficient transportation is likely to make customers less satisfied, which will undoubtedly be fatal to the business, so trucks manager should schedule transportation routes more reasonably and dispatch vehicles more efficiently.

Jimi IoT has been deeply engaged in the automotive GPS tracker industry for many years, and has concluded its experience that the installation of GPS tracking devices can well monitor driving data, driving time and speed. As long as beyond a certain range, there will be a corresponding warning and then well deal with the truck driver fatigue and speeding problem. After installation, you can view all the truck information in the platform at a glance, making it convenient to monitor, schedule and dispatch all your trucks.

What makes Jimi GPS tracker devices for trucks different?

1. Real-time tracking

Through GPS monitoring, you can know the running situation of your vehicle at any time, and you can directly check it on Web/APP, including the specific location, driving speed and so on.

The tracking function can also play a role in preventing theft. GPS terminal installed in ahidden position of the vehicle, and thieves are generally not easy to find.

2. Historical route playback

The driving records within 90 days are stored on the GPS tracking platform Tracksolid, and the user can find the trajectory of the vehicle during this period by replaying it, find out where the vehicle was driven, where it was parked, and how long it was parked.

3.8 kinds of improper driving behavior alerts

Once the GPS terminal detects harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, sudden lane change, collision, skidding, rollover, roll and pitch, it will upload alarm information.

4. Geo fencing

With the ability to set up a zone on a map or plan a driving route, as well as set up alarms for vehicles entering and leaving the designated areas or deviating from the route, fleet managers are able to detect and notify truck drivers in a timely manner.

5. Mileage statistics

Within a set period of time, users can count the mileage of the vehicle and calculate the average fuel consumption based on the amount of fuel added. Jimi IoT uses GPS+INS tracking system technology, realizing mileage error is less than <2%.

6. Fuel consumption statistics

Jimi IoT provides GPS tracking device with fuel consumption monitoring. You can choose ultrasonic oil sensor or digital oil sensor according to your needs.

What benefits does GPS tracker device for trucks bring to the transportation industry?

1. Monitoring the status of vehicles and improve operational efficiency

By installing a GPS terminal on the truck, in combination with Tracksolid's online platform/app, you can remotely view the vehicle's location, route, mileage, speed, fuel consumption and more.

2. The goods are visualized, and the safety and timeliness are guaranteed

Especially during the COVID-19 period, install GPS locators for trucks is of importance. By multiple positioning, geo-fence, unpacking alarm and other functions, GPS terminal can remind managers of the goods' status, whether they are loading, unloading, transferring goods at specified locations, whether they are smashed or lost, etc, ensuring that the materials are delivered on time at the specified time. In the event of losing goods, the materials can be found and recovered in the first time.

3. Standardize driver's driving behavior and reduce vehicle transportation risks

When the driver has improper driving behaviors such as harsh acceleration, hard braking, and sharp turns, the locator will record their behavior and generate warning information and upload it to the vehicle management platform and APP. Also, GPS tracker can effectively prevent the private use of public vehicles, saving the company unnecessary cost, help managers make corresponding regulations to strictly regulate their driving behavior and ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

4. Identify problems in advance and arrange maintenance in time

The manager can analyze the engine service time, wheel wear and vehicle mileage through the statistical statement of the platform, vehicle speed, mileage, accident alarm and other data, help judge the health status of the vehicle and do maintenance work in advance.

5. Intelligent anti-theft, recover losses

GPS positioning terminal with multiple positioning, dismantling alarm, low battery alarm, fall-off alarm, vibration alarm, displacement alarm, geo-fence, remote fuel and electricity shutdown, etc., can effectively prevent vehicle theft and retrieve missing vehicles in time. The GPS positioning solution for trucks can not only ensure the normal operation of vehicles, reduce business operating costs, and improve management efficiency, but also strengthen the safety management of people and vehicles.

Jimi IoT is a high-tech enterprise focusing on GPS tracking research, development, production, sales and service. We provides professional vehicle monitoring and management for enterprises. For more information about GPS tracker devices for trucks, please contact us!

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