JIMI IoT Home Wireless Home Monitoring System

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I have always been conservative about who I open my door for. My motto is better safe than sorry. However, with the increase in online shopping and package delivery for my home business, I had to go beyond looking through the peephole. The JIMI IoT Wireless Home Monitoring System was the perfect solution for securing our front door and offering me peace of mind.

A few years ago,  install some really clunky cameras that required an outdoor outlet. Thankfully our home is a new build and had outlets near the entrances, but I knew at any point someone could walk up and unplug them, resulting in lost footage. Additionally, their app was unreliable and after a few short months, I could no longer access live footage. The “security cameras” were pretty much a dud.

The JIMI IoT Home  Wireless Home Monitoring System has changed all of those concerns for us. Their wireless home monitoring system is not only a breeze to install, but their app offers a reliable way to keep track of security alerts – and even works Multiple Alert Ways. 
When there is the alert, the camera will send the alert message in 3 ways:App push, Calling, SMS message

100% Wireless. 720P Live Video. See and hear your zone with HD 720Pframe grabs loaded with fantastic color representation, great night vision, and fantastic audio clarity

Simple Installation. Using the included wall mount adapter and screws, you simply attach the JH09 3G Wi-Fi Home Security Alarm Camera System to your front door area. The ideal installation height is 7ft 3 inches. You then snap the camera onto the bracket and that is it! This process takes less than 5 minutes. Seriously – it can’t get any easier!

2-way Talk. Yes, the JH09 3G Wi-Fi Home Security Alarm Camera System includes a built-in speaker where you can communicate with the person on the other side of the door. Simply open thecamapp and select the camera you want to view. Then press and hold the speaker icon to speak with the person at your door. It’s that easy.

If  you want to learn more, at https://www.jimilab.com/contact/

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