How to select the Home Security Camera, see then you'll know

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The monitoring system is made up of, surveillance cameras, switches, routers, network dvrs, and so on. Of course, different application scenarios may have different requirements for surveillance cameras. The purpose of this article is to give the surveillance camera in different application scenarios may bring differences in the experience of the specification parameters, please choose the actual needs;
There are two main types: cylindrical and hemispherical. Among them the tube type is more common, indoor and outdoor universal; hemispherical type is generally used for indoor, volume is smaller, can be wall hanging or suction type installation.
2. Power Supply
There are two kinds of power supply: DC power supply and Poe power supply. Non-PoE power supply: each camera needs wire, cable, PVC sleeve, socket, security power supply... a lot of accessories, wiring chaos, installation complex, maintenance is not easy.Poe Power Supply: A Webcam a wire, data, power transmission at the same time, simple and convenient. Compared with the two power supply modes, the Poe mode is more compact and may cost less than the non-PoE mode.
3. Lens Focus
Camera Lens focal length has 2.8 mm / 4 mm / 6 mm / 8 mm / 12 mm and so on, each product series can choose lens focal length, can meet the needs of indoor and outdoor environment shooting. In general, the larger the focal length, the smaller the field of view angle, and the farther the monitoring distance. Put in actual use scene, 2.8 mm focal length is suitable for narrow environment such as elevator, stairs, etc. , 4 mm is suitable for meeting room, shop a little bigger scene, etc. And Car Park, factory workshop, courtyard wait for more open place can choose 6mm Above Lens; specific choice can be decided according to need.
4. Resolution
For the security cameras, sharpness is key. It is well known that the greater the resolution of the camera and the higher the Pixel of the sensor, the clearer the image will be. There are several specifications, commonly 1 million, 1.3 million, 2 million, and 3 million resolution, respectively 1280720(720P) , 1280960,19201080(1080P) , 20481536. So, the higher the resolution, the better? Indeed, cameras with higher resolutions and pixels will produce better results, but they will also take up more bandwidth and memory, and take up less time on the same size drive. Therefore, the choice of camera resolution, in the pursuit of clarity when you should also consider the issue of storage, choose their own applicable can be. Of course, combined with time-lapse video recording and motion-detection video recording, the actual valuable surveillance video stored on the hard drive will last much longer.
5. Night Vision Distance
For Night Vision to be in place, use IPC with good night vision. The night vision distance is mainly determined by the number of infrared lights. Single light night vision distance is 30 meters, double light night vision distance is 50 meters.


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