Smart technology is king or service is king?

Jimi loTJimi loT2018-11-28

Smart technology is king or service is king, and the smart Internet of things is the latter?

Intelligent Internet of Things is a combination of AI + IoT. AI technology gives hardware devices the ability to perceive, and the latter can provide services after sensing. Seeing this process, we can't help but think, in the era of the intelligent Internet of Things, is it the smart technology to be king or service to be king?
Intelligent Internet of Things without a server is just an empty shelf.

Taking smart speakers as an example, based on intelligent technologies such as voice recognition, it can identify and understand the content spoken by users, and then provide services such as weather forecasting, car calls, and home control. However, if there is no service, these will become empty talks.

Previously, Wei Dong, the president of Gaode Automobile Business Unit, compared the car network to a house, saying that the closest content service provider can occupy the core position of the industrial chain. Who can inject what the user expects, who can dominate the car network to some extent?

The current situation is that host manufacturer, hardware providers, entertainment groups, IT vendors and network operators are fighting for the future in the face of unfinished houses, rough rooms and lack of living facilities. They are competing to develop content that may be considered valuable by users. That is to say before the content that is valuable for users has not been developed, the so-called car network is just an unfinished house, that is, "empty shelf".

Intelligent Internet of Things can run as usual without smart technology.

Taking smart speakers as an example, we can't communicate with them through intelligent voice technology. Similarly, we can't send instructions to get related services by speaking. However, although there is no intelligence, we still create a first version of the intelligent Internet of Things based on the communication technology behind, cloud services, etc. In this version of the Internet of Things, we can integrate the control of some intelligent hardware such as smart lights and smart refrigerator with consistent communication into an APP of a smartphone and give commands through the touchscreen.

The core of the future intelligent Internet of Things is the service, not just the product itself. Because the products of the intelligent Internet era are relatively fragmented, we need to use an ecological approach to unite multiple innovative companies to build reliable products and services.

Service is always the core.

In the intelligent Internet of Things, each node has the ability to recognize and perceive because of the existence of intelligence. As for services, this is the core of the intelligent Internet of Things, and the ultimate goal of each enterprise to establish an intelligent Internet of Things ecosystem. Only by combing these two methods can we see a complete intelligent Internet of Things. In the case of the intelligent Internet of Things, service is always the core, and "smart technology" is a means to give hardware devices more abilities and further simplify the operation of the traditional Internet of Things.
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