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Jimi loTJimi loT2020-02-17

In early 2020, the Coronavirus outbreak caught the world off guard. When crisis strikes, the power of technology is limited, but should not be underestimated. In the fight against the epidemic, many IoT solution providers are actively taking action, and some smart IoT solutions have been successfully applied. New technologies such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5G have been providing powerful services for every medical and security personnel on the front line.

GPS + big data, share epidemic map in real time

The government uses the big data of population migration collected by GPS services to provide open, transparent and evidence-based information. "Pneumonia epidemic real-time dynamic" is hot all over the network, many authoritative media, science popularization services and other institutions have launched a real-time dynamic view function of the epidemic situation, which can not only present people with real-time data changes, but also provide data support for the incidence, cure rate and future prediction.

5G+ wireless Internet of things, help isolate risks

During the outbreak, the Wuhan huoshenshan hospital was built in 10 days, and countless construction workers and frontline medical staff worked together to build a medical wall to fight against the disease. Fighting against the epidemic, smooth communication is the key to coordinating Wuhan. China's three major operators worked together in Wuhan huoshenshan hospital to set up a 5G base station in just three days. All relevant communication solutions have selected the highest configuration, and 5G high-definition video terminals have been added to meet the needs of remote medical care anytime, anywhere.

All diagnoses and treatment data can be transferred paperless, diagnosis results and patient records can be collected and archived by a digital system, and data can be sent to the cloud. In this way, the risk of germ transmission caused by paper delivery can be reduced. In addition, all patients can wear vital signs monitoring equipment, realizing real-time feedback of body data with the help of 5G or WIFI. All medical devices can also transfer information to the data center through wireless Internet of things technology, without laying a lot of network cables, let alone manual collection. At the same time, the temperature and humidity, oxygen density, personnel flow, fire conditions and other abnormal conditions in the ward can also be centrally managed and monitored through the Internet of things technology.

AI speeds up vaccine development

Li lanjuan, the high-level expert of the national health and fitness commission, said the virus strain had been successfully isolated and some vaccine varieties had entered the stage of animal experiments. In the whole process, a large amount of literature screening, data analysis, repeated inspection process and other works are very heavy. With the help of AI, vaccine development improve the screening efficiency, accelerate the progress of the whole process, shorten the research cycle, and can timely save countless lives.

Telecommuting, working together remotely

In order to control covid-19 infection, reduce staff gathered together, prevent the spread of the epidemic, and better guarantee the people's life and health, many companies have extended the Spring Festival holiday by about 10 days. Considering enterprise operating losses and other negative influences, many companies implement a remote online office. With the help of cloud computing, enterprises improve telecommuting efficiency and reduce team communication obstacles.

Face recognition + thermal imaging technology, achieve automatic temperature detection

In railway stations, airports and other areas with a large number of people, infrared thermal imaging automatic thermometers are installed. It is combined with biometrics, thermal imaging temperature measurement, video intelligent analysis, and 5G technologies, realizing high accuracy, high efficiency, low cost, flexible control, safe and reliable. infrared thermal imaging automatic thermometers not only deliver an intuitive and non-contact understanding of the body temperature of each person in the flow, but also make it possible that abnormalities will automatically alarm, achieving the goals of effective prevention and timely control, and ensuring the safe operation of all kinds of places.

5G + drone + platform, provide integrated services

"Yes auntie, this is the drone speaking to you. You shouldn't walk around without wearing a face mask,“ drones are applied in patrol during coronavirus outbreak.

5G drone platform integrates mobile communication networks, intelligent video cloud, remote control and other capabilities to provide integrated drone service, showing its strength in scene-based applications such as epidemic elimination, epidemic surveillance, distribution of epidemic prevention materials, and inspection of key epidemic prevention targets. The drone used in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also enhances the effectiveness of anti-epidemic publicity, greatly reducing the risks brought by direct contact.

Unmanned delivery, solve medical supply chain problems

On February 6, the intelligent delivery robot of JD logistics completed the first delivery in Wuhan, successfully delivering medical and living supplies from Wuhan Renhe station of JD logistics to Wuhan ninth hospital, which is the designated hospital to receive and treat the new coronavirus patients, and also the core area of this epidemic. After the outbreak of the covid-19, engineers from JD logistics division immediately went to Wuhan to carry out a map survey for intelligent delivery robots, and JD logistics began to send delivery robots from all over the country to help Wuhan.

Since the end of 2019, the flu has killed more than 12,000 people in the United States, the fires in Australia have been burning for four consecutive months, and the outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria and Coronavirus in China has caused suffering to the world.

The outbreak exposed many problems and also meant new technological changes. Cognitive change is sputtering, and the pace of human progress will never stop. Internet of things technology, AI, 5G and cloud computing will also be constantly upgraded to promote  the development of intelligent, automated and information-based society and serve mankind. We believe that with the help of science and technology, researchers will soon develop a new coronavirus vaccine. "The Unity of will is an impregnable stronghold". Although we can't restart 2020, we can still start again with warmth in our hearts.

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