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When the city is blocked and residents' activities are restricted, how to ensure the rapid and safe deployment of materials and ensure the normal life needs of residents? In the fight against COVID-19, it is important to realize the informatization and intelligent construction of logistics transportation. The supplies transportation information is opaque, which is easy to cause doubts from all walks of life. Therefore, from the donor, the carrier, the management agency to the recipient, they have put forward their own demands.

On the one hand, both the donor and the receiver want the transportation process to be transparent and visible, and the goods can be located in real-time. The receiving management organization also needs to realize the convenient management of goods between multiple warehouses. On the other hand, as the carrier of logistics companies wants to protect their own reputation and promote their competitiveness, they need to know whether the goods arrived safely on time. The regulators need to master the whole process of supplies transportation, not only the transportation process must be transparent and traceable, but also the visualization of materials and resource allocation, and the number of materials must be clear.  So how to realize the whole process of supplies transports safety, transparency and traceability? 

Jimi IoT supplies tracking management solution uses intelligent positioning terminal as the communication port, combined with electronic geo-fences, sensors and other technologies, collects the real-time location of vehicles and supplies, driving trajectory,  in-and-out information, etc, realizing the complete visual management of supplies. Through the "cloud + terminal" intelligent Tracksolid tracking and decision-making platform, you can not only realize the complete visual management of medical supplies with the functions of positioning and tracking, trajectory playback, unpacking reminder, etc; but also are able to optimize transport route and timely deploy supplies by real-time viewing the vehicle position and transportation status.

How to solve the problem of supplies distribution?

Managers can see the supplies information collected by the intelligent asset GPS tracker through the material intelligent management platform and APP, and realize the whole-process supervision. When the goods are transferred, stolen or detained in the process of transportation, problems can be found and solved in the first time.

How to solve the problem of supplies management?

After the supplies arrive at the warehouse, the delivery and inventory management can be visually managed through the APP and management platform, and unified scheduling can save labor force and time. The government and management agencies can also master the distribution and amount of materials, which is convenient for overall planning.

Solutions value

1. By equipping the materials with an asset tracker, it enables the transportation of donated supplies transparent, safe, and traceable throughout the whole process, which will help change the traditional management operation of logistics and transportation companies, bring better services to customers, and improve brand competitiveness.

2. Through visual management, the supplies managers can improve the dispatching efficiency, realize the convenient management of materials between multiple warehouses, save more labor force and supply resources.

3. Through visual management of supplies, the government can clearly know the distribution of materials and provide a more reliable scientific basis for decision-making.

Based on the transport operation process management and vehicle information management,  a comprehensive logistics transportation management system with independent intellectual property rights is developed through technologies such as intelligent perception, audio and video, multiple positioning, wireless communication, and cloud computing. Jimi Tracksolid tracking systems realize real-time tracking and monitoring, at the same time, the goods can be fixed management, preventing lost goods and completing the seamless connection between vehicles, goods, warehouse.

In addition, the solution is mature, stable, expandable, reliable, safe, and easy to use. By monitoring the controlled items, Jimi IoT supplies solutions make it possible to comprehensively supervise storage and asset allocation.

COVID-19 has brought tremendous impact to the world. In order to make society operate better and more effective in preventing and fighting epidemics, many technology companies have dedicated efforts. Our joint efforts will overcome the epidemic. Please click here if you want to know more about Jimi supplies IoT solutions. Let's fight together!

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