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Many people now install GPS tracker in their cars, they know tracker’s function and effect, but they have no idea how to use it, and where it should be installed in the car. Today we will focus on the use and installation of the JM-LG01 asset GPS tracker.

The demand for GPS tracker purchased by car rental companies is huge. Besides high-performance, they also require the trackers must be concealed to avoid personal privacy and not easy to tear down. As a long standby series, the JM-LG01 has the features of convenient installation, concealment, and stability.

But how should it be used and where is it should be installed?

First, you must have an IoT card or mobile phone card, because you need to obtain the location information through the GPRS, and the positioner needs to use the traffic as the support when sending the position signal during work.

Second, according to the instructions of the JM-LG01 manual, install the card and do the opening work of the tracking device.

Third, you need to log in to the Tracksolid platform or the mobile APP. After tracker obtains the location information, it needs to convert the data in the background through the software, and then the location of the target object is displayed to the user in the form of a map.

At last, you need to consider where the wireless GPS tracking device should be installed. Choose a place where the concealment is good and the signal is not easily shielded. In this way, the function of the tracking unit can be guaranteed. Here come the recommendation installation places.

1. Under front windshield;
2. Around the dashboard;
3. In the door partition, the JM-LG01 positioner can be installed as long as it is magnetic;
4. Under rear windshield;
5. Inside the front bumper, JM-LG01 has IPX5 waterproof rating, so there is no need to worry about the waterproof problem at this position;
6. The space of the trunk is very large, and there are hidden places that are not easy to be found, such as the taillights of the trunk;
7. Spare tires, many cars will carry a spare tire just in case, the JM-LG01 is small enough to fit in.
8. Under the seat.

Installation precautions:

1. Avoid putting together with the transmitting source, such as wireless reversing radar;
2. The device is equipped with GSM antenna and GPS antenna, and the device should be installed with the front facing up (towards the roof).
3. If the windshield is pasted with metal insulation layer or heating layer, as it may reduce the GPS receiving signal, thus causing the GPS to work incorrectly, please change the installation position of the equipment in the situation.

JM-LG01 is a long standby intelligent GPS tracker specially designed by Jimi IoT for car loan and asset tracking industries. Jimi IoT has rich experience in product R&D, manufacturing and vertical integration of production processes, and has obtained more than 270 technical patents, focusing on GPS field more than 10 years, our annual GPS tracker sales volume is more than 10 million units. We committed to providing customers with high-end and high-quality products and a full range of ODM/OEM services.

For more information about the JM-LG01, please contact Jimi IoT !

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