Offender Management Solutions for COVID-19

Jimi loTJimi loT2020-03-25

The prison's high population density and poor ventilation conditions make prison guards and prisoners potentially infected COVID19. The prison space is very closed, and even the best prisons may not have the best sanitary conditions. A thorough investigation of relevant prisons can effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Pain points in prison staff management

At present, most of the prison's management is still at the stage of patrols and camera surveillance. Manual operation still accounts for the vast majority. Information collection depends on manual operation. The technical problems of prison management mainly include:

a. Most prisons are counted on human defense, and the proportion of police prisoners is low, which has increased instability possibility.

b. It is difficult to associate the information system with the detainees, and it is impossible to understand the prisoner's dynamics and the real-time location at the first time.

c. The existing prison monitoring system has its own system and there is no unified standard and interface. In the event of an emergency, such as the current outbreak of COVID-19, the systems cannot be connected in time, monitoring images and other security resources cannot be shared.

d. After the occurrence of a malignant event, the tracing effect is poor, and it is difficult to check the correlation between information and search.

In response to various management difficulties in prisons, Jimi IoT combines IoT technology, indoor and outdoor integrated positioning, high-definition maps, and big data analysis technology to provide real-time prisoners and administrators in a safe and reliable situation. Through the personnel location information and the prison's existing monitoring system timely communication, Jimi IoT offender management solutions can immediately check the conditions of the prison compliance, possible violations, effective implementation of criminal supervision, and establish a complete set of personnel security management system.

Offender management solutions

Jimi offender management solutions are based on the IoT smart terminal, which mainly implements location management of offenders, including real-time monitoring of location and movement trajectory by time and area. The system can be set up with an electronic fence to warn the offenders who have crossed the border and deviated from the position, preventing offenders from escape from prison. Jimi offender management solutions can realize intelligent monitoring and effectively prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

The composition of offender management solutions

Offenders management solutions are composed of three parts, namely high-precision GPS + LBS + BDS + WIFI positioning, intelligent anti-removable bracelets and personnel positioning management system. The solutions have the advantages of low cost, high accuracy, and easy implementation.


The solutions have functions such as real-time positioning, electronic geofence, tamper alarm, emergency call, historical track query and playback.

1. Real-time positioning

GPS tracking bracelets can track each prisoner in real time with a positioning accuracy of 24-28 cm.

2. Geofence alarm

It can be customized to draw the electronic fence. When the prisoners out of the fence, the tracking device can immediately and automatically send out an alarm. For some prisoners at home, you can also let the prisoners stay in the control area.

3. Tamper alarm

The bracelets are equipped with tamper-proof alarms, which will be automatically reported when the prisoners remove the bracelets without permission.

4. Low battery alarm

The bracelets have a low battery alarm function. When the battery is below 20%, the prison guards are notified to charge.

5. One-click call for help

The bracelets have SOS alarm function. When the offender has an emergency, he can call the prison guard for help by pressing the SOS button.

6. Trajectory query and playback

The system automatically records the location of the prisoner and saves it in the cloud, so that the prison guards can check the movement track of the offenders at any time.

7. Instant communication

With a built-in speaker, bracelets can realize timely two-way communication.

Offender management is important in the fight against COVID19. If you need further help, please click to contact us.

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