Jimi IoT One-Stop Smart Logistics Solution Enables Intelligent Dispatch

Jimi loTJimi loT2019-12-23

Smart logistics is supported by information technology. It realizes system awareness, comprehensive analysis, timely processing and self-adjustment in logistics transportation, warehousing, packaging, loading, handling, distribution, processing and service platforms.

"Smart logistics" specifically refers to the integration of the Internet of Things, sensor networks and the existing Internet, and is used in the field of logistics to achieve the integration of logistics and physical systems. In this integrated network, there is a central computer group with super powerful capabilities, which can implement real-time management and control over people, machines, equipment and infrastructure in the integrated network. Based on this, people can manage logistics activities in a more refined and dynamic way, making the logistics system intelligent, networked and automated, and improving resource utilization and productivity and becoming intelligent. The core of smart logistics is "Internet of Things", "Interconnection" and "Intelligence".

Jimi IoT one-stop smart logistics solution
Based on transportation process management and vehicle information comprehensive management, the logistics system with independent intellectual property rights developed through technologies such as intelligent perception, audio and video, multi-location, wireless communication, and cloud computing, can realize real-time tracking and vehicles monitoring, at the same time, carry out fixed-point management of goods to complete the seamless connection between vehicles, goods, and warehouses in the logistics industry. In addition, through comprehensive monitoring of controlled items, the manager can supervise storage management, asset allocation and sales process, etc. Jimi IoT's one-stop smart logistics solution is mature and stable with scalability, reliability, security, and ease to use.

Application scenarios
container transport, cold chain transport, mobile assets, fixed asset, vessel, delivery, etc.

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