Tracksolid: Open Source Tracking Platform

Jimi loTJimi loT2019-11-12

Tracksolid is an open source tracking platform that can integrate devices to locate the vehicle's geographic location. The program is written in the Java language and supports many different communication protocols.

If you want to design your own tracking platform, it has to be developed based on Tracksolid. So, first of all, let's see what makes our Tracksolid different.

From the dashboard, the fleet manager can get a complete view of their entire fleet, including vehicle status, alerting devices and total stock. This administrative portal empowers fleet managers to make necessary adjustments to vehicles, devices, alerts, landmarks and more, all from a single integrated interface.

Through the monitor page, fleet manager can analyze vehicle data such as real-time tracking and vehicle status to assist in critical decision-making. Also, an unlimited number of geo-boundaries and landmarks can be created from this page.

One of the most important daily jobs of a fleet manager is the monitoring and improvement of driver behavior. With the Jimi solution, fleet managers can identify speeding, excessive idling time, long stops, unexpecting night driving, and other potential operating issues. By getting real-time emails or text alerts, fleet manager can be notified immediately of these issues and are empowered to take action.

With Tracksolid, fleet managers can automatically check the access data related to the vehicle’s mileage, engine hours or calendar days, and easily view which asses are past due for maintenance. With this knowledge, potential maintenance and safety issues can be identified and corrected before becoming problematic.

Being aware of a vehicle's condition, sales channel and timing of a sale is important in achieving optimum remarketing value. As such, the Jimi solution provides a specific recharged system to help fleet managers create customized billing options.

All these features are combined in Jimi Tracksolid tracking platform.

Jimi, as an innovator and provider of telematics connected solutions, is dedicated to helping fleet managers run their operations efficiently, remaining competitive in the marketplace, and protecting their vehicle. 

To achieve this, over the past five years, we have been developing a strong cloud-based platform Tracksolid.  We also make great efforts to meet different customers' needs. That’s why Tracksolid is open source and accept white label.

Here is our open API.  If you want to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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