Personas Tracking & Management Solution for COVID-19. Jimi IoT.

Jimi loTJimi loT2020-04-06

It is not an easy task to manage and track your employees, citizens, workforce, etc. Things are getting much more complicated especially after the outbreak.

Jimi personas tracking and management solution enables visualized management of persons by integrating software, hardware, and features such as geo fence, trip playback, and real-time location. 

Quarantine tracking

Achieve comprehensive visibility of those under observation or quarantine.

Trips playback (180ds)

Take thorough search for possible contacts once a suspected or confirmed case is discovered.

Geo-fence alert
The grid manager will be notified and take actions if a person leaves the defined areas.

(Suspected cases) (Person in home quarantine) (Patients)

Qbit Personal GPS tracker realize more efficient personnel management.

  • GPS/LBS/WIFI real-time tracking
  • Geo-fence alert for exiting defined areas
  • Live audio monitoring 
  • Two-way communication
  • SOS emergency call

Ready for Personas Tracking & Management Solution?
Learn about the JIMI Personas Tracking & Management Solution by visiting here or contact to connect with the Jimi and get more details.

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