3 Measures to Protect Herd Health by Jimi Smart Farming Solution

Jimi loTJimi loT2020-01-06

If the herdsman fails to detect the sickness of the livestock in time, it may cause the spread of the virus, leading to larger-scale herd illness and causing huge economic losses. Therefore, the protection of herd health can increase the development of animal husbandry. Based on the Internet of things technology, Jimi smart farming IoT solution uses intelligent hardware such as smart collar as the information collection entrance, and combines the platform and APP to triply protect herd health.

1. Keep track of livestock health
Collecting daily activity data of livestock through Jimi's smart terminal, herders can learn about the active status of livestock in the APP and assist in judging the health status of livestock. If the livestock has not been in motion for a long time, the terminal will actively report a static alarm to remind herders to pay special attention to the status of the livestock, which is convenient for isolating and treating sick animals in time to prevent the spread of the virus. The terminal can also detect the ambient temperature, and herders can adjust the grazing area and method accordingly so that the herd grows up in a comfortable state.

2. Make sure vaccination and quarantine
If vaccination and quarantine are not carefully carried out, it will bring potential dangers to the health of herds. In addition, if the construction of animal husbandry infrastructure and epidemic prevention systems is lagging behind, the health of herds and the quality of livestock meat will not be guaranteed. In this condition, herders are difficult to explore a larger market and the income will be limited accordingly.

Through Jimi's smart farming quarantine and vaccine management system, herdsmen only need to apply for quarantine and vaccination for livestock on the APP, and the staff of the Animal Husbandry Bureau can see the application and contact the herdsman to carry out work at the agreed place. The staff can fill in the certificate online after quarantine and generate it to herders immediately. When animals have completed the vaccination, and staff can confirm the injection on the APP. Through the paperless office and data records, it is not only convenient for herders, but also effectively monitor whether vaccination and quarantine are carried out, and protect the health of herds. At the same time, the standardization and visualization of the epidemic prevention system have also increased the possibility of opening up larger markets for the livestock industry.

3. Trace blood relationship and promote better breeding 
Animals' parental information is recorded in the system. The system would generate a blood relationship spectrum based on the records and recommend suitable breeding objects to the livestock. With clear information guidance, it can promote better breeding and population optimization, which can also improve livestock health and meat quality.

Visualization of livestock health, quarantine and vaccination, and blood tracing system can guarantee herd health. Jimi smart farming solutions help herders to launch high-quality livestock meat, open larger markets and increase substantial income. Please contact us if you want to learn more.

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