Putting Intelligence Onboard and Ashore

Jimi loTJimi loT2019-06-15

Smart technology, with an increasing focus on digitisation and automation, will play its part – and smart fleet owners are using technology not just to monitor equipment but to enhance operational flows.

Transport Logistic in Munich from June 4-7, 2019, is a chance to see how connected, highly-visible assets are a critical part of this future. This year, the main topics will vary from the Silk Road to driver shortages to city logistics. looking forward to showcasing its road, cold chain and shipping technology solutions at the show.

Since 2013, the EU has seen road freight transportation grow year-on-year, hitting record highs in the last two years. There are anxieties, however, with European fleet operators, concerned with truck driver shortages, the impact of Brexit and emissions, while balancing productivity and supply chain demands. As a result, the enterprise is looking at ways to future-proof their fleets with digitalization and connectivity.

Transport Logistic is expected to mirror the EU’s report on transport trends and issues showing that modernity, multimodal, emissions, and safety of transportation are some of the key issues for European operators this year. Focus is the integration of trucking connectivity alongside our well-established trailer and multimodal solutions. We will showcase our truck management solution, which gives insights into driving styles, dispatches productivity and maintenance efficiency. 

Coach and buses will be well-represented too. Vehicle tracking, tachograph compliance and fuel management are highlights of our bus telematics solution, which includes compliance with the “12 Day Rule” for buses on international journeys.

Putting Intelligence Onboard and Ashore

New sulfur limits starting from 2020, digitalization, the New Silk Road and shorter transport routes thanks to a predominantly ice-free Arctic will be just some of the main topics in shipping at Transport Logistic.Serious financial and reputation damage can result from the incorrect transportation of perishable cargo, pharmaceuticals and food in the supply chain. Telematics devices and sensors take the guesswork out of tracking and monitoring reefers and containers while on the road. Designed for container transportation and cargo shipping, the 3G GPS tracker CT10 is a useful security solution providing enhanced visibility security of assets in-transit across the world. Using WCDMA technology, the ALL NEW cost-effective, long-life GPS tracking device is able to provide accurate information on the whereabouts of the containers: over the ocean and overland in a seamless and efficient way. 

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