How To Find The Right Rear View Mirror Camera For Your Specific Product

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Dash camera, also known rear view mirror camera or car DVRs, record while you're driving so you have evidence if anything happens. Dashcam footage is now accepted by some insurers to settle who was at fault in an accident and it’s also admissible in court. Record evidence while driving and get a discount on your car insurance if you're involved in a collision, car dash cam can help you prove who's responsible. And you can even get a discount on your car insurance. In-Car GPS Navigation, with so many options in the market, it is hard to know which is best for your needs. Sure you can search online, read reviews or ask around but the best way to know which system is right for you is to try it out. Which is where we come in with hands-on experience and advice you can be sure you’ll get it right.

Here is a list of our top recommendations of jimi dash cam that we currently have in stock.

JC100 3G GPS Tracking Dash Camera

JC100 edgecam can be applied to any private cars. Google Map navigation with 3G WIFI network will be your best friend on the road. GPS+LBS+AGPS multiple positioning systems, features of 1080P front camera and night vision rear camera make sure every detail to be recorded and to provide full evidence in conflict. In addition, the Android 5.1 operating system provides possibilities for easy integration of new software, to make the device to be smart while you are driving.

JC200 EdgeCam Pro Car Dashcam

JC200 car dash cam pro is equipped with the HD1080P front car camera of 140° adjustable viewing angle, capturing road and license plates clearly. The inside car cam is devised with light sensor & IR night vision,  producing crystal clear video to record events insides the car. With more functional and professional GPS tracking system,  JIMI JC200 supports 3D street viewing and multiple alarms like car tracking, SOS /vibration/voice/ enter or exit geofence/ power on&off / enter or exit GPS blind zone/overspeed / engine on&off / low battery, etc. 27 kinds of intelligent alerts, letting your car under the 24h/365 days continuous protections. Seamless loop recording overwrites the oldest footage with the newest footage upon a card reaches its capacity. Variable sensitivity G-sensor automatically detects a sudden shake/collision and then locks the footage on "Event File", preventing that video from an overwrites. It supports up to 32GB microSD cards. JIMI JC200 dashboard recording camera works with 12V and 24V car, truck, semi-truck, bus, SUVs, or big rig. 

Then, what're the differences? View the following JC100 VS JC200 comparison.

Both 3g dashcam has dual camera-front and rear. JC200 is larger than JC100. JC200 has no button on the surface, while JC100 dashcam has 4 buttons. 


JC100 accessaries: user manual, cable, and SM sticker, but JC200 is also with accessories of SOS button, a set of relay, a screwdriver installation tool. And also there are two optional accessories: Simcard locker and backup battery.

Based on the built-in 9-axis motion sensor, JC200 camera can detect and report drive behavior (harsh accelerate, harsh turn and harsh brake). JC200 has an accessory of the relay, which can be used for remote engine-cut. JC100 has not the driver behavior analysis and remotely battery and engine cut-off functions.

Both JC100 JC200 Jimi dash cam has no built-in battery, but JC200 has an optional external back-up battery.
As for recording, JC200 can record at the same time, while jimilab JC100 it does have two cameras, but only the front camera records.
Both two android rear view mirrors can do live video on the smartphone application carmatix, but JC200 also can do live video on the website platform.

Jimi JC200 has an optional accessory of sim card locker, which is used to seal the sim card and SD card, while the JC100 has no such cover.

Both 2 rear view mirrors have built-in GPS, WIFI and 3G connectivity, but JC200 is more multifunctional. However, not all the customers need JC200. JC200 is better for fleet management, while JC100 is suitable for private cars, for retail.

Jimi camera will continue to catch the market trend and delicate to providing the right rear view mirror camera based on your need.

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