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As a kind of large animal living in an extremely cold zone, yak is a must-have for Tibetan to make a living. However, Tibetan is facing a series of problems involved with yak feeding and management. For example, yaks are lost or stolen frequently; Population degradation is getting severe as a result of inbreeding; Overgrazing leads to grass degradation. To facilitate the herdsmen and  Bureau of Animal Husbandry's management to the yak, China Mobile Sichuan Branch, together with Shenzhen Jimi IOT Co. Ltd., put forward the Smart Farming to realize yak breeding management through the NB-IoT+2G network technology.

The locator enables yaks to check in. Open the APP, then it will count the number of yaks inside the fence and check whether there are lost yaks or not. The locator can collect yaks exercise data. The user can search the data and keep an eye on their health conditions. The locator can detect environmental data around the yaks such as temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, etc. With built-in security encryption chip and using the security certification service, the device will not be counterfeited. This also prevents data from being stolen by others, guaranteeing data security. Hardware can be easily upgraded by operating on the AMS terminal system management platform.
Smart Farming uses the IOT PaaS platform as the core to obtain data through the smart collar device. The data will be displayed on the APP(for herdsman and for animal husbandry bureau) and the animal husbandry comprehensive management platform. Using an accurate algorithm for classification statistics, it is easy to view and manage.
If you are an established company, whether regional or global, of agricultural equipment and already involved in the adoption of Smart Farming technologies into your business, a hi-tech SME with new products and services using agricultural drones or robots, or a young start-up in the agri-tech or precision farming field with a new integrated solution based upon the Internet of Things for farm management, how will the JIMI IoT Network help you?. You are already aware of the impact of the introduction of such Smart Farming technologies in agricultural productivity and the environment, as well as its impact on the corporate business in the agri-tech field. But if you are looking for the further adoption and purchase of such solutions by the farming community, you know that social and economic obstacles have to be surmounted and that you have to offer innovative solutions fully tailored to the needs of the end-users.
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