5 Fleet Management Challenges were Solved by Jimi. Jimi IoT Co., Ltd.

Jimi loTJimi loT2019-12-05

The scientific management systems determine whether a fleet can run efficiently. Jimi video telematics solution helps managers solve 5 fleet management challenges through dashcam, tracking platform and APP, realizing efficient team management.

Challenge 1: Vehicles are destroyed on purpose, and the responsibilities of traffic accidents are unclear. This has caused unnecessary economic losses and increased operating costs.
Solution: The terminal supports real-time video monitoring and automatic recording, providing evidence support for clear responsibility. In addition, the alarm functions, such as collision and vibration, allow drivers or managers to arrive at the accident scene as soon as possible, reducing accident losses.

Challenge 2: Stealing vehicles causes economic losses. Also, it cannot be recovered efficiently after being stolen, which takes time and effort.
Solution: The terminal supports a variety of alerts, such as vibration alarms, power cutoff alarms, etc. The dashcam would report an abnormality in time to prevent vehicle theft. After the vehicle is stolen, you can also use the mobile phone to navigate and track the car, or remotely cut off the fuel and power, improve the efficiency of recovering the car and reduce economic losses.

Challenge 3: Vehicle information is difficult to obtain in real time, and cars cannot be accurately dispatched, causing operational difficulties.
Solution: The terminal device supports viewing vehicle position, route, direction, speed and other information, which is convenient for managers to see the vehicle status anytime anywhere, and is conducive to unified vehicle management, and real-time monitoring and dispatching.

Challenge 4: Dangerous driving, fatigue driving, etc are likely to cause traffic accidents and endanger the safety of employees' lives; employee violations such as using vehicles privately are not conducive to reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.
Solution: Managers can combine driving behavior analysis, DMS fatigue monitoring, in-vehicle video monitoring, fuel consumption monitoring, etc. to promptly warn drivers of violations, reducing driver traffic accidents. Managers can also set up an evaluation system and a reward and punishment system to regulate employees' driving behavior and improve management efficiency.

Challenge 5: The tragedy of ride-hailing frequently occurs, causing social anxiety. The safety of ride-hailing and the management of ride-hailing platforms have caught public opinion, and consumers' trust in ride-hailing has been greatly reduced.
Solution: Through in-vehicle video monitoring, the behavior of people in the car can be restricted and regulated, and it can also be used as a source of evidence after an accident, which is conducive to strengthening safety supervision and improving the management efficiency of the online car platform. Once a danger occurs, people can ask for help with the SOS button of the terminal, which is convenient for timely rescue and prevents tragedy.

Jimi video telematics solution leverages IoT power to reduce costs and increase efficiency for fleet managers, enabling the team to establish a scientific management system. Please email info@jimilab.com if you are interested in our solution.

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