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Asset tracking is the process of tracking physical assets and their information (location, status, deadlines, etc.) through IoT technology. Depending on the business, physical assets may refer to different types of equipment, such as IT equipment, goods, or vehicles. For example, shared bicycles, car loan risk control, personal/pet tracking, cargo channel monitoring, etc.

In the application scenario of asset tracking, universal terminal products are difficult to take power. Generally, they are powered by batteries. The application environment is complex and changeable, and even worse. This requires that the products used for asset tracking must have very low power consumption; users are constantly moving, and the scene changes a lot, and it is necessary to ensure normal communication under various scenarios.

2G has high power consumption and insufficient depth coverage, making it difficult to obtain large-scale applications in the LPWA field. However, 2G supports high-speed mobile and voice, while the network and industry chain are very mature, and there is still a certain market space;

NB deep coverage and low power consumption are strengths, and the rate is poor, mainly for low-power wide-area LPWA services with low rate/delay requirements;

The NB/2G dual mode combines the advantages of both technologies. Mobile application scenarios, NB network can not guarantee complete coverage, especially in urban and rural areas, NB/2G achieve complementary advantages, NB saves power and 2G guarantees transmission.

Dual-mode chip: RDA chip platform, supporting NB/2G dual-mode, can be used in a variety of environments to achieve NB/2G mutual switching;

Rich interface: Provides a wealth of external interfaces and supports a variety of network protocols, can be external GNSS equipment, providing great convenience for customer product development; ultra-low power consumption: compared to traditional 2G modules, power consumption is more Low, current in Deep Sleep mode: 3.5uA; M2M chip: Supports built-in M2M chip, which can save customers more equipment cost and bring more security; OneNET: Support OneNET cloud platform protocol, truly achieve seamless docking, Rapid development.

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, the demand for asset location tracking around people, cars and animals is more urgent and diversified. Being the provider of IoT modules & products and the innovator of IoT solutions & applications, Jimi focuses on the designing, intelligent manufacturing, production, selling, operation of IoT services. In the past 18 years, Jimi's solutions and products involved in IoV, logistics , shared mobility, smart home, auto finance, livestock tracking, fleet management, and public security have been widely praised by the customers from 150+ countries and regions. Currently, over 12 million devices have been connected to Jimi's Tracksolid platform. And the number JIMI will continue to strengthen close cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain to promote the prosperity of the Internet of Things!

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