The rapid growth of 2019 smart homes has brought new opportunities

Jimi loTJimi loT2019-03-25

Bill Gates predicted in his 1995 Road to the Future: In the near future, homes without smart home systems would be as unpopular as homes that cannot be accessed.

At that time, if you stop someone on the road and ask him what is the Internet of Things, smart home, wearables? Most people may look blank. However, today, more than 20 years later, the same scene will not happen again. More and smarter devices such as smart speakers, smart door locks, smart sweeping robots, and smart bracelets are beginning to become commonplace in people's lives...

For consumers, these new consumer products mean more convenient features, such as luminaires that can be remotely controlled; more comfortable experiences, such as air conditioners that automatically adjust the temperature according to environmental conditions; safer performance, such as in the event of an accident Smart door locks that promptly alert; and smarter lives, such as smart bracelets that collect physical health...

As the functions of products become more and more perfect, the degree of intelligence becomes higher and the concept of consumers becomes more mature, the smart home and wearable market is experiencing explosive growth in recent years. International Data Corporation (IDC) analysts predict that the global smart home equipment market will grow to nearly 1.3 billion devices by 2022, and the annual growth rate will reach 20.8% in the next five years. According to China's smart home equipment industry market prospects and investment reports, China's market value will expand to RMB 357.6 billion by 2020. International Data Corporation also predicts that the global wearable device market will grow by 11.6% during the same period, and equipment delivery in 2022 will reach 190.4 billion units. China's wearable device market is also booming, and International Data Corporation predicts that the number of deliveries will reach 113.8 million units, and the market transportation value will exceed RMB 26 billion.

While changing the way people live, the rapid growth of smart homes has also given manufacturers new opportunities. At this time, how to make your products more in line with the real needs of consumers has become a problem that every manufacturer is thinking about. To help manufacturers provide better smart products to bring a better experience to consumers. As a provider of IoT modules and products and an innovator of IoT solutions and applications, Jimi focuses on the design, intelligent manufacturing, production, sales and operations of IoT services. For the past 18 years, Jimi has worked on solutions and products in IoV, logistics, shared mobility, smart home, automotive finance, livestock tracking, fleet management, and public safety. Currently, more than 12 million devices are connected to Jimi's Tracksolid platform. The number of effective devices per day reaches 4.8 million.

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