What is a Good Dash Camera?

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What is a good dash camera?

The dashcam is an instrument that records various events during driving. With the popularity of automobiles is high, the frequency of accidents is high, too. If a driving recorder is installed, it will be more convenient for police to investigate the process and analyze the cause during the accident. In the past few years, various incidents in the society have confirmed that the rearview recorder as a bearer of strong evidence is absolutely necessary to install. It can be said that the importance of a dashcam video recorder to a car is like a black box to an airplane.

Dash recorder is not expensive, but what is a good dash camera? What should we pay attention to when choosing from a wide range of brands and models on the market? Now, I will give you a brief explanation of some small mistakes in the purchase of a dashcam.

The higher the resolution, the better?

At present, most dash cameras on the market have a standard 1080p resolution. Should I choose a higher resolution driving recorder? In fact, 1080p can already meet the needs of daily use. The higher the resolution, the larger the video file captured at the same time, and the higher the occupied space. In this way,  the higher the number of repeat writes to the memory card, which shortens the life of the memory card. In addition, the higher the resolution, the less the amount of light entering each pixel, and the worse the night vision effect.

The bigger the memory card, the better?

The bigger the card capacity is, the better it is, but 32GB is completely sufficient actually. If the daily commute time is about 100 minutes, the 32GB memory card can record about 300 minutes of 1080p video. In general, the video can be stored on the card for about three days, which is enough for most people. Of course, the quality of the card is more important than the capacity. Ordinary memory cards may suffer irreversible failures in high-temperature environments. Thus, it is best to use a high-spec dashcam memory card that can work in both high and low temperature environments.

A dash camera that can shot a clear license plate is equal to a good product?

In a stationary state, even a 720p dash recorder can clearly capture the license plate of the vehicle in front. A clear picture of the license plate is mainly affected by the following factors: relative speed, relative distance, road conditions, light intensity, and so on. Generally speaking, if the license plate is relatively still within 3 meters, the ordinary dashcam can take a clear picture, but if under the above influence factors, even a good dashcam may take a very fuzzy picture.

Is the wider angle, the better?

Most recorders all claim wide-angle lenses. The wider the angle, the fewer the blind spots. In fact, although the wide-angle can reduce the blind area, it will also distort the picture. The larger the wide-angle, the more severe the distortion, and the video effect will be affected. Generally speaking, a 120-150 degree wide-angle dashcam can be used.

Which type of installation is best?

a. Card type driving recorder

The card type driving recorder is simple: a camera in front and a square electronic screen in the back are like a thick card. It has the advantages of small size and simple installation, and a suction cup can be sucked on the front windshield. It is easy to move and the machine is compact.

However, there are many problems with the card type driving recorder. The biggest problem is that the suction cup is often easy to fall off due to its poor fastness. Especially in summer, the soft plastic suction cup exposed to the sun can easily lose suction and fall. In addition, if the screen is large, then the sight is affected, if the screen is small (the screen is generally 2.7 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches), then it is difficult for navigation.

b. Rearview mirror driving recorder

The rearview mirror recorder is fixed with a buckle or an elastic band, which is more secure and difficult to fall. On the other hand, the screen on the rearview dashcam is usually large and you can see any video playback detail. You can also turn off the screen when not needed, making it an oversized rearview mirror.

The mirror-type driving recorder also has problems. Some manufacturers use low-cost blue mirrors, which causes poor reflection effects at dusk and night, and it is impossible to see the situation behind the car. Only the rear-view mirror type driving recorder that uses a high-quality white mirror can achieve or exceed the original mirror effect.

c. Hidden dash camera

The hidden dash camera is actually another card type driving recorder. The biggest difference is that the hidden dash camera is without the electronic screen, which leads to a significant reduction in size. When installing hidden dash camera, it will not obstruct the driver's view like other recorders.

However, the hidden driving recorder also has a flaw, that is, the lack of a screen makes it impossible to directly view the recorded video. Of course, now that there is a wireless network, you can connect the driving recorder through your mobile phone. However, if there is a problem with the wireless network of the driving recorder, the video may not be available for viewing.

Some other details in the process of purchasing a dash camera, such as the angle of view, lens, and sensor, will directly affect the quality and range of the shot, and the price is often quite different. What is a good dash camera? Choosing the product that suits you is the best. After all, the dash camera is used for prevention, and safely is our biggest expectation!

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