What is Driver Monitoring System (DMS)?

Jimi loTJimi loT2019-12-12

Driver monitoring system (DMS) is generally for L2-L3 level automatic driving systems, and it is meaningless for L4 level, unless the system is still a test unit for safety officers. The purpose of monitoring is to find the driver's distraction, fatigue, smoking or drowsiness, and even accidents that cannot be driven, such as tricking the assisted driving system to use mineral water instead of hands on the steering wheel. Also, the data of arguing with passengers can store and upload to the cloud. In addition, if it is in the research and development period of autonomous driving, the driver can provide first-hand data of driving behavior. It can improve the safety of intelligent driving and promote the driving safety of vehicles.

AI learning + face recognition
After the vehicle is equipped with a dashcam with DMS function, the following functions can be achieved once the camera built in the vehicle is aligned with the driver's face.

Identify the driver so that the vehicle can automatically restore his preferences and settings;
Monitor driver fatigue and alert when potential drowsiness is identified;
Monitor the driver's head posture, blink rate and other visual attributes to detect signs of distraction or drowsiness; monitor and warn the driver's abnormal movements, such as smoking, drinking water and calling.

Jimi video telematics solution
Adopting the intelligent DMS + ADAS + GPS dash camera as the communication entrance, Jimi video telematics solution can real-time monitor of video and audio information during vehicle driving, and upload to the cloud platform for big data analysis to form an analysis report, realizing fully understanding driving behavior, and through DMS technology monitors and reminds the driver throughout the journey to reduce vehicle accidents.

More information about how Jimi integrates driver monitoring system (DMS) into video telematics solution, please email info@jimilab.com.

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