Container GPS Tracking

Combining rugged GPS telematics hardware with reliable tracking software, Jimi IoT container GPS tracking solutions can provide you with complete visibility, intelligence and connection throughout the journey.
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The visibility into your packages
Know Where your Containers are
Simply attach the GPS tracking device to the container and switch on it, it would update data reports of containers. By combining robust GPS telematics hardware with our Tracksolid cloud software, you can check the location of your cargo container in a unified system, gaining full asset visibility in-transit.
Mitigate the Risks of Container Theft and Damage
Tracksolid tracking platform/app offers you the possibility to monitor in 24/7, allowing you to take immediate actions when happens to abnormal issues,including unauthorized location movement, container opening without permission. Jimi IoT container GPS tracking solutions do more than prevent theft but help recover your stolen container and cargo. GPS data can provide accurate location of your container and help improve the recovery rate.
The security of packages
The visibility into your packages
Keep Better Tabs on Containers and other Assets
It provides enterprises with data on container locations and cargo status. You can know shipping container status in our Tracksolid unified tracking systems, get full visibility by knowing your container's status at all times, and make it possible to operate and manage your containers and other assets in a seamless way.
Hardware Features
No matter what kind of asset you're tracking, we offer innovative products, services, and solutions that tailor to the needs of your business.
Global roaming
Global roaming Seamless global coverage makes the device always stay connected
Container door close/open alert
Container door close/open alert Get instant alert when your container's door is opened unexpectedly
Tamper alert
Tamper alert You’ll be notified of any device removal
Magnetic base
Magnetic base Allows you to install this device with just a simple attachment
IP65/IP67 Ensure that the device can withstand harsh shipping environmental
Automatic mode switching
Automatic mode switching With gyroscope & G-sensor, the device can change to land, sea & static mode automatically
Container GPS Tracking
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