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Government and Enterprise Solutions Maximize the efficiency of your official or enterprise fleet with Jimi telematics
A Bridge to Connect Managers and Vehicles
The Tracksolid platform gives managers the ability to interact with vehicles through intermediary devices which collect and upload vehicle data, and act as requested by their manager.
Smarter Driver, Smarter Vehicle
Driver Behavior Analysis

Properly Dispatch Trips Visibility into your fleet helps managers assign the proper vehicle for the task, based on current deployments and availability.

Driver Behavior Analysis

Reduce Private Use With the double assurance of real-time location and authorization-to-drive, the private use of official vehicles can be effectively regulated.

Driver Coaching

Loss Avoidance Managers can easily obtain real-time vehicle locations on the platform, helping to keep track of all assets and minimize loss.

Safety for Both Drivers and Vehicles
With the advancements provided by this technology, verbal coaching at the end of the shift is a thing of the past. Instead, data-driven, real-time coaching can help your drivers improve the safety of the fleet personnel and assets.
Reduce Expenses On Car Accidents, Thefts And Fraud
Real Time Tracking

Driver Authorization Drivers must start the vehicle that is assigned to them. Using an RFID or card reader, and a special key that belongs to each driver, managers can know that the right driver is in the right asset.

HD 1080p Video Recording

Driving Behavior Analysis By sensing and analyzing the vehicle speed, accelerated speed and angle of different axes, this system can send alerts to the platform in the event of improper driving.

Event To Cloud

Driver Coaching By using alert records from the platform, fleet managers can have the tools they need to access the driving histories of their drivers, and take necessary coaching measures to strengthen the mindfulness of their drivers.

A Solution to Balance Expenditure and Performance
Intrinsically, cost and performance are two conflicting forces. This solution aims put these two forces into greater harmony, cutting redundant costs and helping to further optimize operations.
Enhance Underwriting And Claims Management Ability
Data-driven Underwriting Decisions

Find out the Optimal Vehicle Quantity By analyzing reports of vehicle and asset usage, fleet managers can more precisely determine the optimal size of their fleet, and make purchasing decisions accordingly.


Preventative Maintenance Paying for expensive repairs after a vehicle breaks down is much more expensive and time-consuming than arranging regular preventative maintenance. Usage reports from the platform help fleet managers plan ahead, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Data-driven Underwriting Decisions

Fuel Monitoring By using a peripheral fuel sensor, managers can be alerted immediately in the event of low fuel status, improper vehicle use, or sudden fuel loss.

Government & Enterprise
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