BL10 Bike Lock with GPS Tracking

gps bike lock

The all new BL10 GPS bike lock is a cost-effective solution for securing shared bicycles. Developed by experienced innovators, this discreet lock helps keep the bike secure, track the bike's location, and also allows the bike to be locked an unlocked via Bluetooth. Alerts can be triggered and sent to the operator if the bike leaves designated areas that you set. Monthly usage reports can be sent via email, platform or app to the operator, giving you crucial insight into the usage history of the bicycle. This next-generation device has been improved to have lower power consumption and longer battery life.
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GPS + WIF + LBS positioning
GPS + WIF + LBS positioning A synergy of multiple positioning systems ensures the locations to be accurately displayed on cloud platform.
IPX6 water resistance
IPX6 water resistance Water-resistant design ensures normal functioning in different weather conditions.
Vibration alert
Vibration alert You'll get notified if the vibration reaches threshold, such as drilling, hammering, or stealing bike.
Solar powered
Solar powered A solar panel converts sunlight into electricity that can be used to power this device.
Rugged, durable design
Rugged, durable design Rugged case and reliable fixing make it hard to damage this device without professional tools.
Geo-fence A virtual area set on platform by yourself, you'll be informed when the bike crossing its boundary.
High capacity 10,000mAh battery
High capacity 10,000mAh battery The high capacity battery makes 45 days work time possible
Quick & simple unlocking
Quick & simple unlocking You can unlock this device via bluetooth or by scanning QR code on a designated app.
Application Areas


    Positioning system GPS+WiFi+LBS
    Frequency L1
    Positioning accuracy <2.5m CEP
    Track sensitivity -165dBm
    Acquisition sensitivity -148dBm
    TTFF (open sky) Avg. hot start ≤1sec
    Avg. cold start ≤32sec


    Communication network GSM
    Frequency Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


    Battery 10,000mAh/3.7V industrial-grade Li-Polymer battery
    Solar power 6V/5W (Under solar illumination)
    Working modes Regular-upload mode
    Standby time Up to 40 days in locked state (without solar energy)
    LED indication 1 status indicator (Blue)
    SIM Micro-SIM
    Data storage 64Mb
    Physical specification
    Dimensions 148.0 x 211.0 x 51.0 mm
    Weight 1117g
    Operating environment
    Operating temperature –20℃ to +60℃
    Operating humidity 5%-95%, non-condensing
    IP rating IPX6


    Wi-Fi positioning accuracy 3-50 meters
    iBeacon positioning accuracy 1-10meters
    G-Sensor BMA 250E 
    Scenarios Audible recovery, Vibration alert, Low battery alert

Standard Accessory
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