Qbit Personal GPS tracker

qbit gps tracker

Qbit GPS tracker will give you a completely new level of awareness and convenience. Loaded with GPS and WiFi positioning, Qbit enables you to view real-time location from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Being stylish, tough and accurate, it is an ideal for kids, the elderly, and people with special needs. 

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GPS & WIFI positioning
GPS & WIFI positioning A synergy of multiple positioning systems ensures the locations to be accurately displayed on cloud platform.
Geo-fence A virtual area set on platform by yourself, you'll be informed when the person crossing its boundary.
Panic Button
Panic Button You can press this button to send an immediate alert for emergency help or rescue.
Remote Listen-in
Remote Listen-in An inconspicuous Mic allows you to remotely listen in the sounds around the device.
Two-way Communication
Two-way Communication Enable you to make call with this device by your mobile phone.
IPX5 Water Resistance
IPX5 Water Resistance Rugged and reliable design ensures normal functioning in different weather conditions.
Low battery alert
Low battery alert You'll be alerted when the remaining battery has reached threshold.
Compact Size
Compact Size Light and small design makes this device easy-to-carry.


Positioning system GPS+WiFi+LBS
Frequency L1
Positioning accuracy <2.5m CEP
Track sensitivity -165dBm
Acquisition sensitivity -148dBm
TTFF (open sky) Avg. hot start ≤1sec
Avg. cold start ≤32sec


Communication network GSM
Frequency Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Battery 500mAh/3.8V industrial-grade Li-Polymer battery
Working modes Mode 1: WiFi regular-upload mode
Mode 2: GPS tracking mode

Standby time Up to 2 days  if upload WiFi positions per 10 minutes


LED indication GNSS (Blue), Cellular (Green), Power (Red)
Data storage 64 Mb
Physical specification
Dimensions 45.0 x 45.0 x 16.0mm
Weight 33g
Operating environment
Operating temperature –20℃ to +60℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%, non-condensing
IP rating IPX5


Voice monitoring range ≤3 meters 
Sensors Accelerometer
Scenarios Low battery alert, SOS alert, Geo-fence
Specialties Two-way Communication, Audible-and-visual recovery

Standard Accessory
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