How to renew the inactive device?

Inactive device does not support renewal on platform.

Where can I modify the user expiration time?

The sales account can modify the user expiration time on the device management page. On the "device" page, find the device, click update user expiration date, and modify the user expiration date.

Why does not receive the verification email when registering and changing the account password?
1. Please check the mail trash box.
2. Check if the mailbox has a blacklist.
How to add device on Tracksolid?
There are two methods.
1. Provide IMEI to Jimi, we will import it.
2. Customers can purchase import card and operate by themselves.
How to create Tracksolid account?
On the account menu, you can add the customer, input username, login account, password and other info you need.
There are two types of accounts: dealers and end users. Tracksolid dealer account can create sub-accounts, manage and set device expiration times. End users account do not have this permission.
What is the Tracksolid gps price?
It depends on your devices amounts and years use, more details should be contact your upper account.
Why Tracksolid device does not exist?
The device has not imported to the platform, please provide your IMEI to your upper account and then can deal with it correspondingly.
What is Tracksolid lifetime?
The First Year Use means you can use our platform “Tracksolid” for one year.
 Lifetime Use means you can use our platform “Tracksolid” for 10 years.
Could you provide Tracksolid API?
Our latest version Tracksolid API is here.
How to use Tracksolid on PC and Mobile?
If you want tracksolid for PC, please click

If you want to down tracksolid app, please scan the QR code.

What to do when the platform doesn’t update location?

Issue command “check location” on the platform to query new location. If the location returned deviate from the location displayed on the platform, that means something is wrong with the platform. Please contact us for support. 

Do you have guidance for the platform?

Yes, after you login, just click “Help ” on the upper right corner in page, then you can have yourself guided.

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