Taxis & Ride-Hailing
Taxi and Ride-Hailing Fleet Taxis & Ride-Hailing fleet elevate driver and passenger safety to the next level
Safety Monitoring, Safety Journey
Dashboard or windshield cameras help monitor everything that happens inside the vehicle, not just driver behavior. Interactions or arguments between the driver and passenger are also monitored, which give everyone a sense of trust and safety.
AI video(DMS)
Real-Time Visibility

Greater "In-Cab" Visibility Real-time in-cab video and audio monitoring can help eliminate guesswork between driver and passenger.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking Live location tracking of drivers and passengers brings you peace of mind.

Remote Control

Remote Control Stop suspicious, stolen, or problematic cars with the engine cut-off function to protect passengers' safety.

Improved Sense of Driver Responsibility
Drivers are a critical part of the ride-hailing ecosystem. With AI-powered driver coaching and report tools, Jimi enables drivers to better realize and understand their improper driving behaviors, enhancing their safety awareness on the road and improving the ride experience for passengers.
Driver behavior analysis
Boost Vehicle Security

DMS The Driver Monitoring Systems is a powerful tool to analyze and to alert the driver to distractions, smoking, or phone use, thereby improving your safety and service.

Save Labor Cost

Driver's Behavior Analysis Detect high-risk driving behaviors such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking and sharp turning to reduce accidents and enhance safety for both the driver and passenger.

Save Labor Cost

Panic Button Allow the driver to ask for help in emergency cases by pressing the panic button, therefore making the rescue response more efficient and faster, and protecting the safety of drivers and passengers.

Record the Liability for Accidents
Video evidence can be a vital and effective tool for enforcing policy and investigating complaints, thereby protecting passengers, drivers and the reputation of your taxi or ride-hailing business.
AI video(DMS)
Preventative Maintenance Notification

Integrated Dual Channel Recording Simultaneously record both incidents on the road as well as what was happening inside the cabin at the time to eliminate false claims and resolve passenger disputes.

Comprehensive Regulation

Event Video to Cloud Automatically flag and save video evidence on the cloud when an event occurs. Access and watch the footage to settle the dispute over trips anytime and anywhere.

Taxis & Ride-Hailing
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